Wedding Week – Celebration!

Scott and I had just said, “I do,” in a beautiful ceremony and it was time to celebrate!

But not before we squeezed the last light out of the day and got some crazy gorgeous pictures of Scott and I overlooking the Newport bridge.

I can’t imagine my wedding day without the wind now.  The pictures just wouldn’t be the same without my dress blowing around being all dramatic!

Speaking of dramatic…

Meanwhile cocktail hour was in full swing.

And from the pictures, it looked like a great time.  And we haven’t stopped hearing about how great the food was – in particular, the lobster bar!

Scott and I weren’t able to make it to the cocktail hour between our individual, bridal party and family photos.  I had high hopes, but it just didn’t happen.  I wouldn’t give up the pictures, so such is life!

The boys were finally allowed in our bridal suite and they were a bit jealous when they saw where we got ready, versus their hotel room with seven men and two photographers.

What can I say?  I enjoy being pampered 😉

We had champagne and hors d’oeuvres brought up and it was just silly and fun.

I really wanted a shoe picture, considering how obsessed I was with both mine and the girls!  The photographer and the girls didn’t quite get my vision, but I made them stay there until we got it right.  Are you surprised?

We took so many different family shots!  Here we are with my wonderful grandparents.  I’m so grateful they were able to make the trip and be with us on our day.  My grandma told my dad that I looked like I was walking around on a cloud in my dress. 🙂

And the Fitzgerald clan!  We were lucky to have everyone at the wedding.  We’d just had the newest member, Liam Hugh, join us six weeks earlier, so we were quite glad that the whole family could be together to celebrate.  And can we discuss how great my sister-in-law, Stephanie looks (gray dress on the left)?  You would never, ever guess she’d just had a baby.

So you may have noticed a baby theme.  The little ones were definitely out in force!  From top left we have Walker, our pastor’s child; Carmen, sweet Megan’s daughter; Liam, our nephew; and my cousin’s two week old, Sophie Rose.

Time to make our grand entrances!  I love how happy both of our parents look in these photos.

Nothing could make me happier than them enjoying the day.

And then there were those crazy friends of ours.

I have to say, Scott’s sister, Jess, and her husband, Dan, did a pretty good “wind up ballerina” bit.  It’s an entrance I’ve never seen it before and it was hilarious.

But even funnier was the role-reversal my sister, Megan, and Scott’s brother, Mark, pulled off!

Unfortunately Scott and I didn’t get to see any of this, since we were hidden away.  I’m so glad they were all on the wedding video!

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald!!! (And the crowd goes wild!)

We shared our first dance to Van Morrison’s,”Crazy Love.”

I loved the moments of our first dance.  It was one of the few times I got choked up during the day.  I was so happy to be married to Scott, surrounded by everyone we loved.  Most of the day I never stopped moving, but in the moments where I could pause and savor, I would get so overwhelmed by how blessed I was.

My dad put a lot of thought into our first dance and he landed on “This Moment (Dance with Cinderella).”  It was so sweet, since its about a little girl who loves dancing and her father sees her as Cinderella.  It was quite fitting for me and dad.

Millie chose Elvis Presley’s, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” since she used to sing it Scott as a little boy.

Before we get to the toast…a few detail shots for you.  I love discovering all of the details come to life after planning them out all year!

My dad did a fabulous job welcoming everyone and toasting me and Scott.  I was so proud of him, since public speaking isn’t his favorite pastime.  He was funny, heartfelt and truly welcoming – both to our guests and to Scott into our family.

I think Dad just called Scott, “Good People.”  Love it.

Aah, my cake.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Scott fed me a piece of cake so very nicely.  But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to smash a little in his face (he claims it even got on his neck inside his shirt).

He paid me back by laying a big, fat kiss on me.

I mentioned that our niece, Avery, was excited for my sparkly shoes and most importantly, my princess dress.  I don’t think she was disappointed!  Half the time I would turn around to find her just standing behind me, dancing and playing with the ruffles.

I may be biased, but we had THE cutest kids in the world at our wedding.

Mr. Mike!  The only man who could swing me around in a gazillion pound wedding dress like it was nothing.

There are so many stories and pictures from that night and I simply can’t include all of them here, as much as I want to.  But all I really want to say is that I had the most amazing time dancing at my wedding.  I loved every. single. minute of it, from our guests’ antics to the amazing DJ who kept the dance floor packed with all ages from start to finish.

Shout! A little bit softer now… (Please notice me sitting on Scott’s lap…my feet had gotten a workout that day and weren’t up to the rigorous “Shout” dance.)

Dad holding court with the men and cigars outside.

We had a little break dancing as well as “The Rebecca” dance and one lucky lady who caught the bouquet!

I asked Scott what he would want to include about our reception.  He said that he was handed approximately 20 glasses of whiskey but only drank about 4 ounces over the course of the night.  He also said “Being scared for my life while the guys threw me around….oh yeah, and YOU being scared for my life while the guys threw me around!”

I LOVE this picture!

All too soon, it was time to leave.  I would have stayed forever, but we had a ’57 Bentley and a parade of sparklers waiting!  The best advice I received was to walk through the line of people slooooowly, rather than running, which was my first inclination.  Slow was definitely the way to go, because its all still a blur!

And so ends Wedding Week.  I have loved writing about that time and reliving all of the details.  And the crazy part is that I know I didn’t include every memory or photo or story that made that time special for me and Scott.  To each and every person that played a part in that day – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It means more to me than I can ever express.  And goodness knows, I’ve used a lot of words to try to express my feelings this week.  So I’ll leave you with my final thought…

And they lived happily ever after!


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