Wedding Week – The Ceremony and “I Do’s”

The time to walk down the aisle had finally arrived!  Two groomsmen were braving the elements to meet and greet our guests.

The programs were ready and the guest book was primed for “Wisdom and Well Wishes.”

The pashminas were sitting pretty and waiting for our guests, “To have and to hold.”

And to keep them from the cold!  I would say they were a smart choice for wedding favors and that it was prudent to have them available at the beginning of the ceremony.  They were put to good use!

My little cousins, getting a better view.  I love this picture.

And then it was time for the ceremony to begin!  Such a happy momma of the groom being walked in by her oldest.

And my momma in her fabulous dress (and accessories, I might add), being walked in by my future brother-in-law.

And here is my handsome husband, waiting as the girls began walking in.

At this point, I was waiting at the entrance to Belle Mer, watching everything.  I basically had to make a “U” after the leaving the building to get to the base of the aisle.  Basically, I was able to watch our entire processional from inside the building, which was awesome!  I don’t think many brides get to do that, without the fear of being seen by their groom.

I remember standing there with my dad, overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.  The music playing as the girls entered, a piano rendition of, “In Christ Alone,” was so beautifully ethereal and I loved being able to witness that moment.

And then it was my turn!!!  But it wasn’t quite to simple.  As we left the building, the wind (or the hand of God) shot underneath my veil, picked it up and pulled it right off my head.  In the most perfect way…the comb pulled right out without pulling a hair out of place.  At this point, I didn’t care one bit and was ready to keep on going without it.  I was ready to marry the man I loved!  I was anxious to get there and didn’t need a veil.  But my sweet, wonderful father took off running after it!  He caught it before it went over the wall to the property and brought it back to me.  We then started to make the “U” to get to the aisle.  It’s behind a fence/wall so the groom and guests can’t see you.  Well the two event coordinators were busy whispering and trying to “calm me down” and put my veil back on.

Well, I was perfectly calm and knew perfectly well I didn’t want to wear that traitorous veil.  It had already proven it was no good and I didn’t need distractions during the ceremony.  When they understood that, we started moving again.  Well then, I heard a “riiiiiip.”  The girl holding my dress had stepped on one of the ruffles (How?! How are you holding the dress UP and still able to STEP on it?) and it had ripped off the dress.  I told her, quite calmly, that I could walk easier without someone holding my dress, so just drop it and we’ll keep moving.

Well this took a bit of time, when it was all said and done.  I heard later that everyone was starting to wonder where I was!  There was not one ounce of cold feet going on, but I’m sure it looked like it!  My dad and I laugh now at how calm and single-minded I was during all of the hiccups.  “Just leave the veil, I don’t have to wear it.  No, it’s fine you ripped my dress, please just hand it to me so I can keep moving.  We eventually made it to the beginning of the aisle, almost in one piece!

I loved walking down the aisle with my dad.  He did great about keeping a slow, even pace.  I think I may have been pulling him a little bit!  Haha.  He was so strong and supportive, literally and figuratively.  He held me up in my heels on those shells like a champ.

It was humbling to walk through the crowd of our closest, nearest and dearest.  To think they were not only sitting outside in 40 mile per hour wind for us, but had traveled immense distances to witness us getting married was so wonderful and I’m forever grateful.  I can’t say it enough.

And there he is.  My wonderful, patient groom.  And there is look everyone loves – the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle to him.

And how sweet is his brother, Mark, watching him?  That’s a good, proud, big brother.

We had a beautiful ceremony, performed by our pastor, Mark, whom we had grown close to over the past two years of dating and engagement.  He knew us well as a couple and it was so very special to have him there in Newport to marry us.  I remember him being one of the first people to see us that Sunday morning after getting engaged.  While I  was busy hugging and squealing and showing my ring to Megan D. he came to see what was going on.  When Scott told him we were engaged, he (and the entire hall way of people) reacted with such joy for us!  That whole morning is such a great memory, which I treasure.

Isn’t there such a stark difference between the view behind the men and the view behind the ladies?  Luckily, that storm behind the groomsmen never touched down over us!  Thank you, Jesus!

My cousin, Jennifer, gave the reading.  I was so glad she was there.  She had had her daughter, Sophie, a mere two weeks before our wedding.  And the whole family of four made it out from Indianapolis.  Have I mentioned how humbled we were enough yet?

One of the great things about having a pastor who knows you and your story is the personalized sermon/homily/talk.  Mark started us off on a great note, with everyone laughing by telling the story of my first attempt to start a conversation with Scott.  As Mark put it, Scott was wearing some baseball paraphernalia.  I approached Scott from behind, and asked him, in all honesty, what was wrong with his Yankees symbol.  He slowly turned around with a look of incredulity on his face.  You see, Scott is an avid Mets fan…my mistake.  Haha, I’ve since learned the profound error of my ways.  Mark had everyone laughing at that.  Those that know me aren’t surprised in the least by that story.  As Mark put it, Scott learned a valuable lesson of marriage during that fateful first encounter – one of forgiveness.

Mark delivered a beautiful sermon on Ephesians 5: 22-33, a passage about God’s design for marriage.  We had studied it in-depthly the year leading up to our marriage, so it was an easy decision for Scott and I to ask Mark to speak on it.

The exchanging of the rings.

And we are officially man and wife!!

We were a bit overjoyed, if you can’t tell.

We recessed to a Piano Tribute version of Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Journey was our anthem the summer we met, so I felt it was fitting and cheeky.

And off we went…to have the BEST party of our lives!


One thought on “Wedding Week – The Ceremony and “I Do’s”

  1. Ahhhhhhhh what an amazingly funfilled and loving few days it was!! Can we have celebrations like this every year? I love all the pics!! Can’t believe it was a year ago!! Love you guys!! Have a fabulous 1st year anniversary back where it all began!!

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