Wedding Week – Anticipation

Getting ready for the wedding – or “Anticipation” as our photographer dubbed it.  I decided this portion of our day would get its own post.  Because it was such a special time for me. And I’m in charge around here. 🙂

We had a brilliant, bright, sunny day for our wedding.  I could tell before I even opened my eyes that morning and my heart soared.  The day before had been brutally cold and rainy so my little, bride self was overjoyed!  God had answered my months of prayers for no rain on my mid-October, New England wedding day!

And then I stepped outside and got a taste of God’s divine humor.  “No rain, loved one, but you didn’t mention 40 mile per hour winds.”

Such is life.  So my bridesmaids had the extra duty of veil patrol all day.  No big deal.

We got ready at Belle Mer in the bridal suite, which takes up the entire second floor of the building in which our reception took place.  The bridal suite was one of the many selling points for Belle Mer.  It was so luxurious for all of us girls as we got ready.

And there she is!  My beautiful, ruffly, wedding dress – the favorite thing I have ever worn.

Le sigh.

After a delicious brunch at the house, which was lovingly prepared my mom and aunts, the girls spent some time at a salon getting primped.  It was great, but I was just anxious to get to Belle Mer and see all of the details I had been planning for months!

And nothing disappointed.  I was obsessed with every detail, as a bride should be, of course.  For example, my bouquet, which the florist modeled after the ruffles in my dress.


Speaking of details, my dear friend, Megan, then a new momma of a one month old didn’t miss a single one!  She even had her precious Carmen decked out in the most adorable outfit to match the wedding colors.  Megan was a bridesmaid (I’m forever grateful) and it was so fun having little Carmen with us during the day.  Did I mention I strive to be like Megan one day?  I don’t know how she does it.

Getting me into my dress was a…long…affair.  Fun for me, though!  I’m not so sure about my poor Maids of Honor, my sister, Megan, and my bestie, Lauren.  Neither of them are quite as girly as I am, so they probably don’t see the appeal of a corset.

The great thing about them, however, is that they both knew how important the corset was to me.  So they spent a good hour back there, slaving over making sure it was perfect.  I love them both so much for that.  I did get nervous whenever I heard whispering and giggles, since they are like two peas in a sarcastic pod.  Especially when the whispers sounded something like, “Where does THAT go??”  But I didn’t need to worry.  They did a fabulous job.  And there were others around for quality control, just in case. 🙂

But what about Scott?  He was getting ready at the hotel and something tells me it didn’t take quite as long for him to get, “camera ready.”

Just a little hunch I have.

I asked Scott what stood out for him about getting ready.  He said “Christian being late.”  Poor Christian showed up at the 11th hour, but hey, he got there and no one (except Scott) knew the difference.  Although I think he spent a bit of time texting him…

But speaking of the guys, Scott’s groomsmen gift to them was a very nice french cuff shirt embroidered with their initials.  He also got them personalized cufflinks which were maps of the town in which they grew up.  The guys then wore them for the wedding.  I loved them.

For the girls, I gave them pink havaianas flip flops to slip into for dancing later in the night, personalized note cards based on their personalities and gave them each a pair of earrings and a bracelet to wear the day of the wedding.  Oh and chocolate.  Each of them received a unique pair earrings and bracelet, based on their taste.  I realize their taste may not be to wear pink jewelry at all, but at least they hopefully liked the style!  Here’s my sister’s.

They all wore platinum bridesmaid dresses with the same pair of pink shoes to complete the look.   I know it may not be the most popular thing to do (make the girls buy the same shoes) but I, for one, don’t care!  I had a specific look I wanted and the shoes were what made the entire outfit.  I loved the pop of the pink shoe against the platinum dress.  Pair that with the jewelry and the flowers and I thought it was the perfect punch of pink.  I think a dress in that color of pink wouldn’t have read as polished as I wanted.  And would have made Lauren break out in hives.  And in the end I absolutely loved how my bridesmaids looked.  I thought it was classy with a definite “Rebecca” touch.  Perfect.

Speaking of shoes…here are my lovelies!  They were sparkly, they were comfortable, they were perfection.

Did you know the last line of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is “And a six pence in your shoe?”  Apparently it is.  So when my parents found a coin (from England, I believe) on one of their walks the week of the wedding, Dad got right down to the business of taping it to the bottom of my shoe for luck.

Oh, and my something old and borrowed was a silk handkerchief that belonged to my dad’s uncle.  He took it with him to World War II and it belongs to my dad now.  My dad let me borrow it for the day and we pinned it to my garter.  The “new” was just about everything I was wearing.  And I had blue “unmentionables.”

And here the guys are.  Still relaxing.

And we girls have finally made it to the final fluffing!  I think my sister is inside the dress with me at this point.  She was tying the corset up but good.  She found Scott later to tell him “you’re welcome!” for what he would have to untie later. Ha.

Finished product!  I love this picture.

I wore my maternal grandmother’s engagement ring during my wedding, and made sure my mom was the one to put it on me.  It was a very emotional, special moment for me.  My grandfather gave me my grandmother’s engagement ring shortly after she passed away when I was just an infant.  My mom has had it for safe keeping all of these years and I thought it would be appropriate to wear on my wedding day.

After jewels, garter and shoes it was time to brave the wind and take some photos.  If there are any pictures of my veil behaving itself, it’s probably because someone is discreetly holding it behind me.

(Check out my mom’s bling!  I want to borrow that sometime, Mom!)

Such beautiful women!

Don’t my girls look fabulous?  What you can’t see is the phone my sister-in-law (second from the left) is hiding as she coordinated with the boys so they didn’t barge in on us!

And you have to have pictures of the bride!

Did I mention the wind?

While we were busy being glamorous, the boys were on their way over.  The hotel was close enough for the guys to walk, and I think it was Scott’s favorite part of getting ready.  The photographers walked over with them and got some great shots.


This may be Scott’s favorite picture of the day.  I try not to be jealous that its of the guys, not me.

Almost there…time for the slow clap!

They all look so handsome!

Scott Michael got in on the personalized shirts, as well.

And then it was the boys turn for the photo shoot.

Once the boys arrived, I was sequestered upstairs, away from the windows.  As it should be, of course, because the boys and Scott’s family needed their time to have pictures taken.  It had just been a long day at this point.  Our ceremony was at 5:30 pm and we had started with brunch at 10:00 am.  So I was starting to feel a bit like a caged animal and my mind had time to process and truly comprehend the gravity of the day.

I was about to get married…in front of almost everyone I love and care about…this is the biggest thing I will ever do…and SO MANY people are going to watch…what if I trip!?

Basically, I needed to do something to get out of my head.

So new momma Megan and I grabbed the poor back up photographer and told him we wanted to have a glamour shoot with the chandelier.  Megan literally sat nearby acting as creative director, probably while nursing, bless her sweet, girly, glittery heart.   Everyone was just sort of silly at this point, which was what I needed.   Doesn’t everyone decide a glamour shoot is the best way to handle stress?

And then it was time!  Back with more tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Week – Anticipation

  1. Wow. I want to relive this day all over again! I haven’t been keeping up in the blog world but was delighted to find all your wedding posts! Can I just say that this is one of my all time favorites? I still absolutely love the colors – the hot pink flowers are stunning with the silver. And your pictures are flawless! This wedding was gorgeous. Can’t believe it’s been a year 😉 love you!

    • Yay! Thank you! I had the best time going over all of the details with you (both before and when we arrived)! You definitely made it such a special day for me! I’m still in love with the colors too 🙂 I’m still trying to find an occasion to borrow one of the bridesmaid outfits to wear for myself. Maybe we should just have a dress up night?

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