Wedding Week – The Proposal

We are one week from our one year anniversary, my friends!  And it’s about dang time that I blogged about our wedding!

But before we can get to the wedding, we have to go back to the beginning – the proposal!  Scott popped the question on October 16, 2010.  He tried for weeks (months?) to schedule a trip to Newport, RI, with no success due to a certain person’s schedule and stress level (ahem).  Luckily, I’m married to a resourceful, patient man, so he decided to take me on a day trip to Annapolis, Maryland.  Annapolis has a lot in common with Newport so he thought it would be the next best thing.

I honestly had no idea.  Scott hurried us out the door pretty early in the morning.  He hated getting up early on weekends, which should have been clue number one.  He bribed me to hurry “so we could get parking” with McDonald’s breakfast.

We honestly had the best day.  It was a perfect sunny, crisp fall day and the Naval Academy had a home game so there were football fans everywhere.  We spent the morning walking around the quaint downtown doing some shopping.  And I really mean a lot of shopping.  Scott agreed to go in every store I wanted to go in and was so patient at each and every one!  That should have been clue number two.  I got some great stuff which I still love to this day – jewelry, clothes, and even a hat, which ended up being very useful on the honeymoon.

We had lunch in an Irish pub, where the very Irish owner asked about my claddagh ring and our marital status.  He schooled us on the proper way to wear the ring based on your relationship status (which hand, facing which direction, etc.).  I distinctly remember telling him ‘No, we aren’t engaged, just dating!”  Scott says he was sweating bullets during the whole conversation and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

We spent the afternoon at the Annapolis Yacht Show.  You basically get to walk around the docks and go aboard various yachts for sale.  It was fun to pretend we could ever afford a boat, let alone a yacht!  Even though we didn’t make it to Newport, it found us.

We stopped to have a Pusser’s Painkiller.  You could order the drink at a level of two, three or four.  We figured we would go “medium” and order a three.  That meant three shots of rum, we came to find out.  Three shots in a drink the size of a cup of a coffee equals a bit intense.

When we left the show, I had to pour mine out since I couldn’t finish it.  When Scott did the same, that should have been clue number three.  I’d never seen him waste alcohol!

After the yacht show, Scott told me he wanted to go to a nearby beach to watch the sunset.  What I didn’t realize was how far away the beach was – I assumed we could walk.  I had no idea why we had to get in the car (which had a GREAT parking spot, right near the place we had dinner reservations, thanks to getting there so early) and drive to this beach.  But Scott was adamant  (clue number four) that we go.

But not before a hilarious trip to Starbucks, since I was getting sleepy and Scott wanted to make sure I didn’t fall asleep.  After I got my coffee and we were sitting down, I asked Scott if he was sure he didn’t want something for the 15th time.  At which point, the bundle of nerves that was my boyfriend said “Coffee?  Coffee!  I mean, I guess I could get a coffee!”  He didn’t seem like he needed caffeine, given the way that he tripped over my shopping bags on the way to the counter to order.  I tried to discreetly move my new purchases out of his way and it was a good thing, since he proceeded to spill the coffee all over our table when he returned.  I think we are up to 1,548 clues at this point.  I have to laugh looking back, because I was so relaxed and happy at this point in the day and poor Scott was just a wreck!

We finally made it to the beach (and I DID fall asleep in the car, much to Scott’s chagrin).  When we got there, we planned to set up a blanket and watch the sunset.  Well clearly, Scott planned to propose at this point.  He wanted it to be private, for obvious reasons, but the beach was positively full of families and fishermen.  Please note my beloved’s very un-relaxed expression.

He also didn’t appreciate me stopping to take pictures.  He was on a mission to find a quiet spot (which was turning into a sizable hike) and needed me to keep moving so we got there before the sun set.


We finally found our spot!  It was a bit inconvenient, given that the sun was setting behind us…but that just meant I got to be creative with my pictures!

So we settled in for what I thought would be a good hour or so.  We had plenty of time before our dinner reservations.  We reminisced about meeting in Newport and probably talked a lot about our day.  I don’t really remember specifically.  Because we honestly didn’t have the chance to chat too much before Scott said, “Hey, I think we need to head back for dinner.”  To which I responded in vague shock.  I said something along the lines of, “We just got here!  We just sat down…we have plenty of time til dinner.  And the sun hasn’t even set yet!  Why do we have to go?!”

The poor guy knew that once he proposed we were going to need plenty of time before dinner.  And he needed to get me to stand up for goodness sakes!  You can’t get down on one knee for a girl sitting right next to you.  He claimed it was a bit of a drive back to town (How would I know? I fell asleep on the way over) so I finally cooperated and stood up.

I tried to pick up the blanket but Scott stopped me.  He hugged me and looked me straight in the eye.  Thats when I started to pick up on what was happening.  Scott said “You know I love you, right?”  I said “…Yeeessss…”

And that’s when Scott hit me with the most romantic, biggest, most important question of my life.

He dropped to one knee, pulled out the perfect ring and asked me if I would marry him.

I was in complete shock that I was staring down at the man I loved, on his knees, his heart on the line, waiting for my answer.  I handled it with grace and breathed “Oh my God.  OH my God.  OH MY GOD!”  That’s when Scott gave me this look that said, “Umm, that’s not an answer…”

I got with the program and yelled, “YES!!”   He put the ring on my finger and I got down on my knees so I could hug him and kiss him and look at the ring on my finger behind his head.

A very sweet couple was walking by and stopped to congratulate us, ooh and aah over the ring, and offered to take our picture.

I am SO glad they did.  Because can you say “Joy”?  I treasure having pictures of us moments after decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

And I was enamored with my ring and SO proud of Scott for what he decided to get for me.  He knew what I wanted but spent a great deal of time picking out the perfect diamond and setting.  I zeroed in on that baby as it came out of his pocket and had the thought, “It’s PERFECT.”  So glad I had a manicure!

After we had calmed down a bit, we called each of our parents before leaving the beach.  Both knew it was coming but weren’t sure when, so we got some pretty suspicious greetings.  My mom positively squealed 🙂

I called my bestie, Lauren, on the way to dinner, knowing she would have to get back to me when she had a moment, as she was at a wedding.  Then I peppered Scott with questions about everything.  When did he get the ring, how long had he been planning, is THAT why he kept pushing for a Newport trip, who knew he was doing it, and on and on.  We laughed in disbelief and just relived the moment.

We had a wonderful dinner at an Annapolis small plates restaurant, Level.  It was quite delicious.  We really treated ourselves to whatever we felt like, including some celebratory champagne.

The questions and reliving continued, but by then we were already starting to fill our heads with plans.

We called our siblings on our way to my apartment, where my parents were going to meet us to continue the celebration.  Scott’s siblings knew it was going to happen that weekend and were quick to answer the phone and share in the joy with us.  October 16 is Scott’s sisters birthday, so we joked that Scott got her a little sister for her present.  It was so fun to realize I was going to be a part of their family!

My sister was harder to track down. She’s in college and it was ten o’clock on a Saturday evening, after all.  After missed calls from both Scott and myself, she called us back.  She was the only family member who didn’t know anything was going on and had the most genuine, wonderful, sweet, shocked reaction.  I love that I got to be the one to tell her I was engaged and hear the surprised, happy joy in her voice.

And those moments continued for the next few days as we told family and friends.  It was such a sweet, joyful time in our lives.  Some of my favorite moments were showing my mom my ring for the first time and remembering the way she held my hand.  And the way my dear friend, Megan, knew what I was about to tell her just by looking at me – and then promptly throwing what she was holding down so she could grab me.  And my mom doing her first and only (and last?) tequila shot in celebration with us!  And my Lauren, calling me late at night from a wedding and breaking down into tears.  It killed me that we couldn’t be together in person until the next day.


I have loved writing this post and reliving that day and time in our lives.  I was actually getting nervous butterflies in my stomach as I got closer to the proposal part of the post!  So here’s to Wedding Week.  Back with more wedding details tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Week – The Proposal

  1. Again I have tears…… write the best blogs. We are so happy you are in our family and we love you and Scott VERY much!

  2. So fun to read about that wonderful day again. It brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I’d take a tequila shot anyday for you both. Love you so much!

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