You’ve Either Made It…Or Left New York

I was planning to chat about the Mets game Scott and I went to awhile back with his parents and cousins…and share the intense storm in which we were caught.

But as I was reading my morning blogs – I swear, blogs have replaced the news in my morning, which I should probably correct just a tad – I found something that made me laugh and had to share.

I was reading about decor and home interiors, as usual, and stumbled across this gem of a styling post.

I was really enjoying it as both educational and entertaining (the pictures are so pretty!).  When, BAM, she hit me with a one liner that SO describes my life and mindset in New York City.

A bench, two x-benches or two chairs at the end of the bed means luxury.  In New York we would never have been able to fit it, so to me having actual furniture in your bedroom means that you’ve made it….or left New York.

I can SO identify with that sentiment.  It defines my life!!  I mean, you’ve seen our bedroom/shoe box.

If you were to ask me how I feel about living in New York, I would tell you that I love it.  And I do.  But in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking – man, once we have (take your pick of the below)…then we’ll really have made it!  Or maybe it will mean we gave up and moved to the ‘burbs.

  • A bigger kitchen
  • A sofa larger than a love seat
  • More than two rooms!
  • A closet for me in the bedroom
  • A bathroom that both Scott and I can stand in at the same time
  • Laundry in our own apartment (gasp)
  • Room for furniture in our bedroom

The list could continue for a very long time.  And yet, New York is just fabulous.  No question about it.  There’s just something about her that makes you forget about your cramped quarters the second you step outside your door.

So basically, I ❤ New York. 🙂


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