When in New York…

Ages ago…when it was still warm outside  and Scott and I weren’t  traveling fools that actually had time together…we did things that normal people do in New York City.

For example, meeting up with friends on a Friday night after work.  Here we are in lovely Bryant Park, home of the winter wonderland, movies in the park, and New York Fashion Week.

Not the best picture, but I was trying to capture the charming twinkle lights.

The ever present NYC skyline.

Of course, work stress dictated that we stayed just a bit longer than intended.  But it was so nice that we didn’t have to worry about anything and could just stay as long as needed to shake the week off.  We were all pretty high strung the first hour but we joked that we could see the stress rolling off our backs as the night progressed.

That Sunday after church, we couldn’t help but stumble upon a great little street festival on our way home.

Seeing the bright blue sky with fluffy, white clouds through the break in the skyscrapers is one of my favorite Manhattan views.

So lets chat about street fairs in Manhattan.  Yes, there is carnival food.  And basically the same food repeats every block.  I was pretty darn excited to see a crepe truck when we entered the fair.  But then I saw one repeating on every corner and it lost a little bit of its magic.

But somehow, this sign doesn’t get old.  Deep fried oreos?  Pretty please with peanut butter on top!

But the food was where the similarities to other festivals and fairs ended (at least the fairs I’ve been to).

In Manhattan the vendors aren’t just hand made jewelry and crafts.  Oh no, they have Broadway tunes belting from the various Broadway leagues and off -Broadway theater companies.  And then there is the designer sample sales, discount designer sunglasses and oh yes, fancy, beautiful flowers.  No mums for sale here!  Just any color orchid you could want.


Just beautiful.

And that is why I love New York.  The people aren’t afraid to eat deep fried Oreos while elbowing each other to get to the perfect pair of Ray Bans!


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