When Life is Too Much to Handle

I’ve been so terribly absent from the blog.  Which means one of three things.

1. I am too sick to do anything.

2. Life is incredibly and awfully boring.


3. Life is too crazy for me to be able to load pictures and reflect on what is going on.

Two weeks ago, it was the first reason.  But now, I can barely keep up with the perfect storm that is my life.

I think Prince is picking up on my vibe.  Because this describes how I feel right about now.

“Just leave me.  I give up.  I’m just going to lay here for a little while.”


God bless the furball.  He might have had his own stresses too.  Because he’s currently about 8 minutes away from being put in his crate and being taken to the vet.  Pray for us both.

Happy Friday!



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