Sick as a Dog

Or as a cat, as the case may be.  I’ve been knocked out for the better part of this week.  I’ve stayed home, wrapped in my VT afghan, drinking ginger ale and gatorade like a life source.  My faithful feline shadow was never far from my side.  And here he is, doing his best impression of me.


I’ve felt like I’ve been staying home from school.  But making up work just seems a bit more daunting than making up homework.  Homework was always so much easier than dealing with clients, don’t you think?

I just have to say that Scott has been my silver lining.  He has been an AMAZING husband throughout this whole ordeal.  I’m talking stopping at the grocery for me, going into work late so he could take me to Urgent Care and filling prescriptions for me.  But I’m still ready to not be sick anymore!



2 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog

  1. I hope you are by now feeling a whole lot better. Tell Freddie the D*!#n NYG defense has made it a whole lot harder for Rocket Man to beat Par Shooter this week in FFL – but Sorry – it will happen!

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