Celebrating Little Man Liam

In just a couple of days, the littlest man of the Fitzgerald family turns one!

Mr. Liam Fitzgerald, we love you so much!

We traveled to Pennsylvania for his first birthday party this past weekend.  We made it in time for church and to spend a little bit of quality time with Scott’s brothers family before the big bash.

Me and Avery, my little princess girl.

Loving the mini van and the burbs!  It was so spacious…AND we got to watch Tangled on the way home.  A definite win.

Liam and his Uncle Scott – they are both the little brother.  Scott will have plenty to teach Liam about the trials and tribulations of being the little brother.

Pink soccer balls for one thing.

The theme of the party was, “The Little Man.”

And there were ties and mustaches to spare!

Which was fitting, since my sister-in-law, Steph, documented Liam’s first year with a photo of Liam wearing a “tie” to mark each month.

He got a little sassy in month 11.  I can’t wait to see his personality develop as he grows up!

There were even mustaches for the party guests.  Here are Liam’s momma and grandma.

Scott looked like Freddie Mercury!! Who knew? I kinda liked it! 🙂

Time for smashing of the cupcake!

Look how full of love that house was.  I’m glad I got to be a part of celebrating the special little man.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!! You are so loved!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Little Man Liam

  1. Yay look at me commenting!! It was great talking with you last week! My sister even got in to your blog! Us Central Pennsylvanians love it!!

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