Let’s Go…HOKIES!

Monday night kicked off football season in our house!  Yeah, yeah, the NFL kicks off tonight.  But even though the Giants will be playing, it will always be second place in my heart…to the THE HOKIES!  They are my first love in football.  Literally.  I couldn’t stand it until my very first game as a freshman at Virginia Tech.  And then my eyes were opened to the amazing tradition that is American football.

Virginia Tech played (and beat) Georgia Tech at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg this Monday.  Scott and I were exhausted from traveling all weekend, so we had a pretty low key evening.  Fortuitously, Hawaiian Ryan was in town and watched the first half of the game with us.  He showed up in proper VT attire, of course.

I made potato corn chowder (yummy!) while the boys watched a Virginia Tech power hour (60 amazing Virginia Tech plays from over the years).  In a word – it was awesome.

And I do mean all of the boys watched it.


Go Hokies!  Nice start to the season.  I just hope I can make it down for a game!

Until next week!



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