A Crazy, Fun, Beautiful Pennsylvania Wedding

I’m back with the main event – our first wedding in this group (since our own).  I was stoked.  I love weddings even more since my own.  All of the fun without the responsibility and pressure?  Yes, please!

Well, I suppose I did have a little bit of responsibility.  Nine months ago, over pedicures, Liz and I were dishing about my wedding and talking about her upcoming one.  Of course, in the midst of this, I managed to talk myself into the role of wedding coordinator.  I was dead serious, but I was sure it wouldn’t come up again and I would just be known as Scott’s pushy new wife.

Fast forward to now, and Liz and I have become great friends (and if she thinks I’m pushy, she likes me anyways – score).  And I did get to be wedding coordinator!  Woop.  At least for the ceremony.  Girls gotta dance at the reception, after all.  It was great, since it gave me something to do while Scott was busy groomsman-ing.  And I got to pin on 13 boutonnieres in the process.  It’s kind of nice having a line of men standing in front of you. 🙂

The church was very pretty and had a nice, looooong aisle.  Just the way an aisle should be.

I didn’t have the best view of the nuptials, since I was sitting pretty far back.  But the ceremony was very nice.  Like I said earlier, I appreciate weddings so much more now that I am married.  The homilies and sermons mean so much more and are a good “refresher” in a way.

Mr. and Mrs. Babeuf for the first time!

The getaway Rolls Royce.

We got to spend some quality time with Momma and Poppa Fitz at the cocktail hour.  Oh yes, and Scott ate his weight in crab cakes.  To be fair, he didn’t get to eat lunch, but somewhere around plate number three, I got a little bit uncomfortable.

Coral red was the color of the night!  If there were fashion police analyzing the wedding guests, the hot colors of the night would have been coral red and kelly green/teal.  The lovely Mrs. Eadon and I matched right down to our Coach bags!

A little dress flip during the first dance.  Liz was sweet enough to stop and flip it for Ryan, since he didn’t want to step on it.

Some handsome gents.  (And look how well those boutonnieres are staying on!)

And the ladies!  Doesn’t Liz look wonderful?  She made an absolutely beautiful bride.  And her dress fit like a glove.  I was quite impressed.

Cutting a rug with my father in law.  We showed ’em how its done.

After the cake cutting, the real partying began.  Between the guys from high school and Ryan’s college friends, the antics were plenty.

There were props, faux double dutch and a rowing line, as opposed to a conga line.  I think you had to be there to fully understand the ingenuity.

I tried to get pictures of all of it, but they didn’t turn out so well.  But I think its plain to see that we had a fantastic time!

And from what I could tell, so did literally everyone else.  The dance floor was constantly packed.

Oh and we relived the bachelorette party, just a little bit.  Love the Huyette sisters (so excited they both live so close by now!).

I love this picture of the boys.  Always together.

Congratulations, Ryan and Liz!  Now hurry up and get back from Hawaii so we can get busy being “old married fart” neighbors!


One thought on “A Crazy, Fun, Beautiful Pennsylvania Wedding

  1. I love these posts/especially this one! Everyone is so excited for you both… Ps I am sure you(rebecca) and mr fitz senior were a force to reckon with 🙂

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