Ryan and Liz Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding season continued this weekend.  We traveled to the suburbs of Philadelphia to celebrate our good friends, Ryan and Liz.  Ryan and Scott grew up together and Scott was a member of the wedding party.  Which meant we got to take Friday off since we needed to be at the rehearsal.  Love that!

The rehearsal dinner, hosted by Ryan’s family, was lovely from the personal centerpieces to the toasts.

Each centerpiece was made of three photos – one of Ryan and Liz together and one of each of them as they were growing up.  It was fun to go around to each table and look at the pictures and watch everyone’s reactions.

The great thing about this wedding was that we were there celebrating with the people we do life with everyday.  While meeting other loved ones is a great part of weddings, there is something about celebrating your friends marriage with your best group of friends.  I’ve said it a million times, but Scott and his friends mated for life.  And I’m so glad they did.

Because that means I get to have lovely ladies like this in my life now!

Look at the Bride’s dress!  (I wish I had gone fancier for my own rehearsal dinner outfit.)

love weddings.  I love having occasions to dress up and go to events and do something out of the norm.

After a delicious dinner, there were a few toasts.  Here is the Maid of Honor and bride’s sister, Catherine.  She did a great job, despite a microphone malfunction!  Gotta love technology.

And the Best Man, Ricky.  Ricky and Ryan have been best friends forever.  Which means that there are plenty of photos of them over the years.

Ricky had four choice photos blown up (secretly) and these poster size beauties made an entrance at strategic parts of his speech, thanks to the rest of the guys.  I think it was fitting that they got to play a part in the best man speech.

Two first day of school pics.

Cheek to cheek during a ski trip.

Pure gold, really.

I’d say they were a hit.

It was a great evening and I’m so glad I got to be there to be a part of it.  Back with more tomorrow on the wedding itself!


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