Backyard Before and After

I’ve done before and afters on the blog before.

Like the apartment, for example.

And this pretty, little bookcase.

So I thought it would be fitting to do an official before and after of the backyard.  We’ve spent a lot of time out there this summer and expect to be out there this fall as much as possible.

Here is what we started with.  I took these pictures while we were looking for an apartment in New York.

I dubbed this apartment “The Secret Garden” because of all the greenery.  It felt like a little getaway.

Here is the view looking back at the apartment.

And here it is during move in.  It was a lifesaver to have this area to throw the boxes.

And here it is in a live-able state after Scott went to town on the ivy.  I think it looks so much bigger this way!

It’s not eligible for a magazine or anything, but we love it.

So do our friends.

It’s given us the chance to grill,


and do projects.

Basically,I feel so grateful and blessed to have it!


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