From Old and Brown to New and Blue

I have this little bookcase.  It’s been in my family since before I was born, I believe.

My grandfather made it and it was in my parents house for as long as I can remember.

And then I moved into my first apartment my sophomore year of college and along it came.

It got pretty beat up over the years.  And then it made the move with us to NYC.

And it sat around looking like this.  NOT CUTE.  It was a total catch all for games, recipes, magazines, wine and other assorted bottles.  (We’re not alcoholics, I promise.  There’s limited storage for unwieldy items, such as bottles, so we were going for a “bar” look.  I didn’t love it.)

So I put my DIY hat on and decided to redo it!  I called to get mom’s blessing first, of course, since her dad made it.  She said he would love if he knew that I still had the bookcase, let alone wanted to put some more effort into it.  So away we went!  After much pondering and talking Scott’s ear off about what color to paint it, of course.

After cleaning and a quick sanding, I started with a spray primer.  Best decision ever.  I should have used a spray primer on our kitchen table.

Here it is after two coats of primer.

And then it was time to start painting.  After all of the agonizing, I decided to go with a light blue.  Not baby boy blue.  More like French countryside blue.  The winning color:  Benjamin Moore’s Dusty Cornflower.

There’s a view not seen on the blog before.  The view looking up in our backyard.  You can thank my faithful assistant, and muscle man, for that.

And here she is!  Two full coats of Dusty Cornflower.  I was quite pleased with the color.

But it wasn’t quite done.  I had decided to try my hand at stenciling the top shelf.  It was the kind of idea that comes as you are falling asleep.  I actually sat up out of an almost-sleep and said “I should paint the dresser a French-y sort of blue and stencil it with a shimmery gold!”  I believe Scott’s response was something along the lines of “Uugghnnmm.”  He was a bit tired of talking about it.

So I didn’t get any pictures of the stenciling in-process.  After the amount of time and energy put into painting the bookcase, I was really nervous about doing anything else to it.  I would hate to have to start over.  And the Martha Stewart craft paint DID bubble up and caused some minor panic.  Scott was very sweet and held my hand through all of the hyperventilating.

Luckily, everything worked out!  And I looove the end result.

I finished it off with two coats of polyurethane (three on the top).  And now it’s pretty and shiny and I love it!

The name of the stencil is “Hand-Forged.”

And here it is with a bit of styling.

It’s not done yet, but it’s a huge improvement over what it used to be!

Aah, much better.

Update: I linked up to this fun link party!



3 thoughts on “From Old and Brown to New and Blue

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  2. Rebecca great job! It looks great. Grandpa Hoeppner would be proud of you. Though I think if the idea of stenciling come to me in the middle of the night I would have sat up in bed and screamed because the thought would have come in the form of a nightmare! ; )

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