Fantasy Football and Flowers

The fall.  It’s almost here!  Which means football season is almost upon us and my husband couldn’t be more excited.  And since it is almost football season, that means it’s time to draft fantasy football team(s).  Scott is in a handful of leagues (and believe it or not, I actually participate in a Fantasy Football League with my family).   But apparently three leagues wasn’t enough, as Scott started a new one…the Upper East Siders, who had a live, in-person draft in our backyard this week.

They were already done grilling and in full drafting mode when I got home from getting my hair cut.  They paused long enough to be dear men and compliment my hair (as I’m sure Scott told them to).  And our sweet friend, Christian, had brought me flowers!

Basically, this was my favorite football draft, like, ever.

What I found funny was the amount of computers and iPads in use. It was strange against the backdrop of the backyard.

So serious!

Luckily, by around the 11th or 12th pick, things loosened up a bit.

I, for one, am happy to have my own cheat sheet for our upcoming family league draft.

I can’t wait for football season to start.  For all of the apple cider, buffalo wings, jalapeño poppers, viewing parties (can you call it that when it’s football?) and in our house, the Hokies and the Giants!  Go Hokies and G-Men!


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