We’ve Gone Country

We had a little live country music in our life this past weekend.  I was shocked to find out that our friend, Christopher, is a country fan.  So within mere minutes of making that revelation we had purchased four tickets to the Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw concert at Metlife Stadium.

And here we are!  Robyn and Christopher.

We got pretty lucky with the weather.  We were expecting thunderstorms all weekend but this was as close as we got.

We rented a car to get to the concert.  It was the best decision we’d made since we decided to buy the tickets!  We got to the stadium in half the time public transportation would have taken and we were able to tailgate!  If we weren’t ready and excited for football season to start before, we certainly are now.

Speaking of football, this guy was pretty excited to be at the home of the Giants.

So much so, that every photo needed to have it in the background.

Look who forgot to wear sunscreen…my strapless dress tan line is super cute, by the way.

Whoever was in charge of the concert was one smart cookie.  Right before Tim McGraw came on they played Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run.”  Which, in New Jersey, is a sure fire way to get any crowd pumped up.  The Fitzgeralds included.

I was incredibly impressed with Tim McGraw!  I’d never seen him in concert and hadn’t paid much attention beyond whatever his current song on the radio was at any given time.

Well, he put on a GREAT show.  I loved his voice, his songs, and some of his other…assets as well.

And of course, Kenny put on a good show.  It’s always like a party at his concerts.

He had Jets and Giants helmets onstage for his last pre-encore song, “Boys of Fall.”  It was a rather brilliant move.

The crowd loved it.  Especially when he pulled little girls on stage and gave them the helmets. It was adorable.

During the encore when Tim and Kenny played together, you could tell that they really are friends, which was cool to see.  They sang Kenny’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” Tim’s “Indian Outlaw,” and Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty.”  The last number might have been my favorite of the whole night.

It was a great show and we had such a fun day with friends.  Robyn, Christopher, lets do it again some time soon!


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