Maine, Part Deux

So I’ve been out of town for work for the past few days, hence the incredibly long time between vacation posts.  But I’m back and ready to talk about the rest of our time with the Fitzgeralds!

The weather was predicted to be terrible (as in thunder storming the entire time type of terrible).  But it continued to work with us.  It was rainy or a bit overcast at times, but we were still able to fit in tubing, beaching and cocktails on the deck overlooking the water.  I almost wish I had skipped the cocktails on the deck, though, because Maine has the WORST mosquitoes I have ever encountered.  Two weeks have passed and my bites have not completely faded.  Yuck.

But onto the fun part!  Uncle Paul took us out one evening to go tubing. The boys were all about it and had no trouble jumping in the water.  Let me remind you how far north Maine is.  Really far.  Which equals frigid water.  It didn’t even phase the boys!

And then Jess was in!  She did great.

And had a smile on her face the whole time.  Love that about her.

Look who we found!  Momma and Poppa Fitz were fishing while the kids tubed.  Well, Paul decided they looked a little too calm and relaxed.  So he sped right by them, sending huge waves their way.  They didn’t stand up in time and were a bit *ahem* soggy after that.

But don’t they look so picturesque against that sky?  It’s a good thing you can’t hear what they were saying.  🙂

Well, I suppose it was my turn.  I was unusually scared for someone that grew up tubing on the lakes of Indiana (and Virginia).  It wasn’t the tubing that scared me, it was the idea of being in the open ocean.  There are sharks out there!  It just makes me jumpy.  So Uncle Paul took me into a smaller inlet/marshy area.  He was very kind and I was enjoying myself – as much as you can as you crane your body away from freezing water while flying behind a boat on an inner tube.  And then I started thinking about the potential for alligators.  Haha I’m not proud of this part of my brain that imagines the worst in all situations.  I hope I don’t pass on my irrational neuroses to my children.  That’s all I have to say about that.

So then I got back in the boat and returned to doing what I’m good at.  Taking pictures of pretty things.  Like the sunset.

The next morning brought sun and sand!  It was a perfect day for the beach.   The tide was out so there was plenty of beach to choose from.

The crazy thing about the tide being out is that all of a sudden there are islands and stretches of land you never knew were there.

Scott and I took a walk to explore.  It was wonderful being able to enjoy the beach without sweltering and needing to jump in the water every 20 minutes.  I started to see why people would spend their summer vacation in Maine.  It would be perfect for little ones!

That evening, the “kids” went to check out The Tides, an awesome restaurant and hotel within walking distance of Paul and Geri’s.  The decor was the epitome of “beach” meets “chic” and I wanted to move in the second I stepped over the threshold.  I didn’t get any pictures, since we decided to have our cocktails in the Adirondacks on the front yard.

We had such a nice time hanging out with Jess and Dan.  It was nice to relax, have some adult beverages and oysters, and laugh about all of our antics over the past few years.  I LOVE that I’ve been a part of the family long enough to be a part of the stories told now.  It used to be that I would be on the outside, while all of the “veterans” reminisced about things that happened before my time.  But I’m right in there with the best of them now.  It warms my heart.


That evening, it was Scott and my turn to cook dinner.  We made bacon-wrapped filet, corn on the cob, salad and feta avocado salsa.

It was quite yummy, if I do say so myself.  And I was so proud of how Scott and I worked as a team.  He manned the grill and I held down the kitchen end of things.  I seemed like everyone enjoyed it and we had a great rest of the evening.

A BIG thank you to Uncle Paul and Aunt Geri for hosting us and being so giving of their time, the contents of their refrigerator, and their home!  It was so lovely and we enjoyed their company so much.  We hope this was the start of many more family vacations over the years!

We just hope to have the whole family together next time – here’s hoping we get our act together in time so that Mark, Steph and the real stars of the family (that’d be Avery and Liam) can join us!  Missed you guys!



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