Family, Old Friends, Greek Salad…

I cannot live without these three things.  And I got a bit of all of them this weekend in Virginia.  While on our Jersey Shore stay-cation, Scott and I hatched a plan to go to Virginia.  We hadn’t been since April and didn’t have  another trip on the horizon.  So we whipped out our iPhones and saw that we had  only one free weekend  left in the entire summer.  Le sigh.  So we sent out a few e-mails and miraculously, almost everyone would be in town that weekend!  Woot!

Friday night we rolled off the bus and right over to Lauren and Hugh’s.  They had graciously offered to host so that we could see everyone at the same time, and it worked out perfectly.  We had some of our favorites there.

Old friends.  And now married ladies.  If only our first grade selves could see us now.

Jessie, Troy and Dexter Dog.

Sweet Maria.

We had fun just hanging out, catching up, and eating pimento cheese, of course.  Oh yes, and a Just Dance marathon ensued.

I love Dexter watching his parents.

Maria and Josh.

The rest of the photos weren’t so hot, but there were some epic dance offs.  I barely made it out alive with all of my limbs in tact after dancing with Hugh.

One of my favorite parts of our visit was having a lazy Saturday morning like we used to when Lauren and I lived together.  We made a big breakfast and talked about the merits of getting married (i.e. having a registry) and having a beautifully outfitted kitchen.  It’s wonderful to have friends that can fit right back together, as if you didn’t move to New York immediately after your honeymoon.

Saturday afternoon brought this little sweet thing! We visited our dear friends, Megan and Michael, and their beautiful little girl, Carmen.

As the first of our friends to start a family, it’s been so wonderful to see Megan and Michael become the best parents and transform their lives for Carmen.  We just wish we were around more often so we could see them more – and maybe babysit, too.

You know I always love seeing this sight.

We had the rest of the evening with my parents.  Definitely not enough time, but they were so understanding about sharing their time with us.  And they took us to Tony’s  – that’s how you know they love us. 🙂

Oh greek salad, how I’ve missed you.

We spent our time doing normal family things.  I scavenged in my parents basement for furniture I can take and makeover one day.  You know, when I have more then 5 extra square feet of space.  Mom and I also looked at wedding pictures galore.  Even after you get married, no one loves you quite like your mom does.  It’s so nice to have someone willing to pore over wedding photos and discuss the merits of different pictures at length.  Scott barely made it through round one of the album proof, bless his heart.

We rounded out our visit by attending our old, beloved Church and having lunch with as many of our friends as we could.  It was such sweet time to catch up with that family before catching our bus back home.

Oh yes, and Carmen was the star of the show, of course.

Three of my favorites.  My almost-brother, my dad and my husband.  I love that they all get along so well.

Thank you to everyone who made some time for us this weekend, we had the best time!


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