Shore Shower

A few weekends ago, I went to bridal shower for my friend Liz at a beach club on the Jersey Shore.  It was a beautiful day with the breeze was flowing through all of the open windows and doors.  It made it a perfect day to celebrate Liz and Ryan’s upcoming wedding.

Our view of the ocean.  After the shower, I wanted to pretend I was a member of the beach club and just slip on out to sit under one of those pretty, striped umbrellas…

Because I like sharing the fun ideas from showers for future mothers, sisters and friends with showers to plan (like the American Girl doll turned Bride at this shower), I would like to bring you the “Tree of Wishes.”

Everyone had an assigned seat with a pretty, little leaf as the place card.

You then wrote your well-wishes and advice on the back of the place card and tied it to the tree, creating a tree of wishes for Liz and Ryan.

My wish may have included that they have good neighbors…with the last name Fitzgerald.  And I can safely reveal this because it already came true!  They will be moving in not far from me and Scott near the end of the summer!

Liz said that she and Ryan had a great time reading all of the wishes later that night over dinner with both of their families.  I like things that can extend the celebration beyond the actual shower and bring the groom and dads in on the fun.

There’s the bride, surrounded by her sister and future sister-in-law, learning how her fiancé  had answered a few questions about her.  I think her smile says it all.

Hope you enjoyed it, Liz!  We are all so glad we have become close and got to share your special day with you.


2 thoughts on “Shore Shower

  1. Rebecca – thank you for coming, and for the beautiful post! I love all of the pictures. Ryan and I are incredibly lucky to have you and Scott (and the rest of the crew) so close to our new home!

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