Staycation-Vacation to the Shore

The day after the Fourth, Scott and I cleaned (and cleaned) up the apartment from the party.  But that’s not the fun part.  After that, we packed up our beach towels and hopped a train to the shore!  We aren’t going to be able to take any real vacations with just the two of us this summer, so we decided to do a long weekend at Scott’s parents house down the shore while they were on their own getaway.

I’m SO glad we did!  Getting out of the city made me realize that I was totally missing summer, as I used to know it.  Being back in the ‘burbs I got to enjoy the smell of all of the greenery, freshly-mown grass and the feel of the breeze on my face during the evening.  I hadn’t even realized that I didn’t have any of those things in the city.

I first realized what I had been missing when we played the tourist and went to a scenic overlook where we could see the whole NYC skyline.

We were in a park and the smells of a summer evening just hit me.  It was wonderful.   Nearby there is a memorial to those that lost their lives on 9/11 from Monmouth County, where Scott grew up.

It has been sobering moving to the New York area and seeing how much the attacks on 9/11 are still affecting this area.  What struck me about this memorial was how many people were lost in Monmouth County – and how many of them were Irish.  I hadn’t realized how large the Irish population is in this area.  It shouldn’t be surprising, seeing how I married one of them.

The next two days we spent at the beach, eating at little beach restaurants and enjoying the quaint downtown scene in Rumson.

Scott got burned on day one and we had to go buy him an umbrella.  It’s amazing it took us this long to get one.

On our date night we went to a new restaurant called Dish.  It was very yummy and it was a real treat going out to a nice restaurant.  After dinner, we walked around the adorable downtown area and I visited the store where we bought my wedding shoes!  I wish I could buy all of my shoes here…

Thank you for our mini vacation-staycation, honey!  I had fun with you 🙂

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