The Brooklyn Cyclones

What’s more fun than a minor league baseball game at Coney Island on a Friday evening in the summertime?  Not much!

On Friday night, Scott and I hopped on the Subway with some of my coworkers and took a looong ride out to Coney Island to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play.  As usual, I didn’t watch a single minute of the game yet I had the best time. It’s a great little stadium, right on the boardwalk.

Happy husband, watching the Mets farm team.

Such a fun group.

There was a fireworks display after the game.  We aren’t sure if we’ll be able to see the show on the Fourth, so I was glad to soak it up.

After the game, we walked the boardwalk.  To make a long story short, I saw The Cyclone and immediately knew that I wouldn’t be happy if I left without riding it.  I haven’t been on a roller coaster in years and it has been TOO LONG.

Scott was game, and luckily so were two of our friends.  Having friends to ride with somehow makes it more fun.

I love old, wooden roller coasters and The Cyclone didn’t disappoint.  You can probably tell from the joy/terror on my face.

We really enjoyed Coney Island and are glad we went and experienced it.  It is such an iconic place and we live close enough to make an evening trip there.  One more thing to love about New York City.  But halfway through our 1,305 hour ride home, we decided we would wait a little while before going again 🙂


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