Little Sister in the Big Apple

My sister left me and I won’t see her until December!  Wait a minute, what?  I didn’t say this was ok.  Who can I speak to about this??  Oh wait, she wants to leave me and have an Australian adventure?  Sigh.

Well, it was wonderfully great to see her.  Scott and I really appreciated her making the trip up so that we could spend time with her before she went off on her grand adventure.

I took off Friday afternoon so we could have sister time.  The best part about spending time with sisters (and good friends. And moms.), is that you can just do lunch, go shopping or goof around, and still have the best time.  So we went to this little restaurant, Hummus Kitchen, which I have been wanting to try.  Megan, who is slightly less adventurous than I am when it comes to all things culinary, hesitantly agreed to try it with me, even though she couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu.

She recently learned that Australia doesn’t have ranch dressing, or… wait for it… peanut butter!  The horror!  So she is a mild pit of despair, but has bravely decided to get used to trying new things.  Good thing too, since we ordered the “hummus kitchen,” which had four different types of hummus – far more than two girls can eat.

Scott had a smorgasbord of hummus to try when he got home that night.

From there we did some shopping.  I realized I am quite the bossy older sister.  When I learned that she was still wearing jeans from high school (she is a rising junior in college! come on now!), I marched her straight into the closest dressing room loaded with things to try on.  And we were quite successful I must say!

For dinner that night we headed to another new (to us) restaurant, this time with Scott in tow.  If you want yummy tacos on the Upper East Side, I would definitely recommend Cascabel Taqueria.

And try the corn!  That is Scott’s fork hovering impatiently for me to take the picture.

Oh, and they serve margaritas in mason jars.  ‘Nuff said.

Later, we went wild and crazy and had a Michael Jackson Dance Experience marathon.

Oh yes, be jealous of our moves.

The next day, we found our way to Katz Deli (of When Harry Met Sally fake-orgasm fame).  I’m sure it’s famous for a million other reasons, judging from the amount of pictures on their walls.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, it was an absolute madhouse.  They had security when you entered!  And signs that you had to pay $50 if you lost the ticket you received upon entry.  All in all a very hospitable experience (note the sarcasm).

In my panic, I ordered the same thing as Scott – the pastrami. I believe that they are known for this, so it seemed like the right choice.

Let’s just say my body is still processing the sodium and I should have gotten the turkey.  I enjoyed the sour pickle though!

We spent the afternoon wandering the city.   I got a messy “gift” on my new dress from a high-flying pigeon.  After a minor meltdown, we headed home to watch When Harry Met Sally and grill out.

The picture of grace 🙂

Scott’s so good at posing for my blog photo shoots.

And here we are!  Meg, I had a great time with you.  Have the BEST time in Australia.  I will miss you, my dear sister.


Your Bossy Big Sister 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little Sister in the Big Apple

  1. You 3 are just so special!! Love you! I love reading your blogs and hearing all about life in the Big Apple!! You girls have such a big part of my heart!! Scott, you are in there,too!!

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