Newport Newport Newport

Part two of our New England adventure included a stealth trip to Newport.  We stopped in to treat ourselves to lunch on our drive home from Scituate.  It was our first trip back since the wedding (!) and we were so happy to be there.  The weather was perfect.  

We got seated outside right away at our first choice restaurant, The Landing.

Not a bad view, huh?

The food was delicious.  My second chowdah of the trip.

Lobstah roll!  Oh my, oh my.  So much goodness.

We budgeted ourselves two hours, so we were able to meander downtown, pick up a few little items for the home, and stare longingly at the pictures in the real estate office windows.

Oh yes, and take a trip down memory lane, just a bit.  Here we are at the spot where we had our very first “real” date, as well as our very last date as a non-married couple.

It’s safe to say that we are still Newport junkies.  It felt good to get our fix and be on our way home…but I can’t wait ’til our next trip (one year anniversary, perhaps??)


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