Chowdah, Oysters, and the Scituate-tion

Last Friday (on our 8 month anniversary!) we ditched the city to visit Scott’s sister and brother-in-law in their new home in Scituate, Massachusetts.

Scott took Friday off and I worked a half day.  It was glorious.  And we were there in time for dinner and some quality time together that evening.  And what do you eat in New England?  Seafood and chowdah, of course!  Oh my, the chowdah.

Clams in another form.  Equally delicious.

I didn’t get a picture of the main dish, but scallops and shrimp (and garlic) were involved.  Delicious.

The next day was a perfect New England day.  And by that I mean ‘overcast.’  While we waited and hoped for the sun to come out, we sat around in our pjs, drank mimosas, and watched our wedding video.  Which I just happened to bring.  🙂

We spent the afternoon walking around the waterfront area of town.  There were cute, little shops; both new and antique.  But all had a beach/ocean theme going on.

My new love, the Octopus.  (No I didn’t buy the platter, I’m just obsessed with all home-decor items that have octopi on them.  To Scott’s chagrin.)

Our souvenir – a tiny monkey’s fist.  I’ve always wanted a real sized monkey’s fist (they are about 8 inches across, very heavy and can act as a door stop).  But this little guy will be the perfect, nautical addition to our Christmas tree!  And it will make us think of our first visit to Scituate whenever we put him up.

We had lunch on the water and everything was going quite well…

Until Scott got sick incredibly fast.  He was deathly pale, sweating and extremely light-headed.  We had to hightail it out of there.  We believe we have found the culprit.

Luckily no one else got sick, so we think it was an allergic reaction as opposed to bad oysters.  Scott hasn’t had trouble with oysters in years – and the last time he did he was in Massachusetts.  We took note of where these oysters were from so we never order that type again.

And luckily my hubby was feeling better after a nap, but it did make for a very low-key evening.

As low key as you can be with these two during a rousing game of Catch Phrase.  It was an epic battle of Fitzgeralds vs. In Laws (aka me and Dan).

I believe Jess was demonstrating Dan’s choreographed dance moves?

We never would have been able to drive to see Jess and Dan for a weekend when we lived in Virginia.  One of the selling points of moving was that we would be able to see them more often and more easily, so it’s nice to make good on that!

We had a great time, allergic reaction and all.  Their house is beautiful and they have already done a GREAT job decorating and making it their own.  They were gracious hosts and made us feel very comfortable in their home. I see many more years of good times ahead!  Thank you, Jess and Dan, for having us!


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