Foodie Photos

Life is chugging right along here in the Fitzgerald house.  So there hasn’t been much on which to report.  We had a great weekend, but when I went to look through my pictures to write a post, I only found these.

Donuts from work on Friday (from Peter Pan Bakery…love that!)

My Sunday afternoon snack of mozzarella and little yellow tomatoes.  Oh, and see that basil?  It’s from my garden!

Our pancakes for dinner.  Scott got a craving for chocolate chip pancakes, which in turn made me want to eat nothing but pancakes.  Hence, we feasted on pancakes.

So I guess I enjoy food.  No big surprise there.  And that isn’t even the half of the delicious-ness we had that weekend.  We ate at the Neely’s restaurant, which I had been wanting to try for some time.  I also somehow forgot to take a photo of my successful first attempt at Eggs Benedict.  First time poaching an egg?  Check.  Homemade hollandaise sauce?  Check.  Husband making two trips to the grocery store for ingredients?  Check.

Oh yes, and we capped off the weekend by watching the Tony’s.  At least I did.  I thought Neil Patrick Harris was very funny and did a great job as host.  And I loved that there was a performance every other minute.  Very entertaining.

Not sure what these two thought about it.  I believe that is Scott’s “please don’t take my picture” face.

Love you, honey!  Thank you for letting me watch the Tony’s and always being patient while Prince tries 1,034 ways to climb in your lap (the guy needs a lot of love and reassurance).


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