Meet the Mets

As I was pulling on an orange and blue shirt this weekend, I thought, “This is what love looks like”.  Because all Hokie fans know that you do not willingly wear blue and orange (something about our in rival’s colors for those non-Hokies out there).  But for better or worse, my husband is a Mets baseball fan.  And their colors just so happen to be…orange and blue.  So I am now the owner of an orange t-shirt with a very large, very blue Mets symbol on the front.

So I walked out to the living room and made sure that Scott understood the magnitude of what was happening.  I actually said, “This is what love looks like.”  To which he replied, “Hmm.  It’s very bright,” and continued watching TV.

Sigh.  My sacrifice and love were not fully appreciated.  Luckily, I was able to drown my sorrows in a hot dog and French fries and other fine ballpark foods.

The new CitiField – Shea Stadium no more.

It’s actually not so bad being a Mets fan (or married to one) these days.  They are holding their own in their conference and actually threw their first no-hitter last Friday.  Of course, we went to the game on Saturday and missed history being made.

I can’t complain though.  It was a beautiful day, the Mets won and Scott had a chance to catch up with an old coworker and friend.  We love that people like to visit New York!

All in all, it was a pretty nice little Saturday.  I’d definitely go again.

But my Mets shirt might mysteriously be in the wash.


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