MDW. Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, I’m a bit late with this, but it’s worth mentioning Memorial WeekendWe got away for Memorial Day Weekend!  Wooo!  Friday afternoon, Scott and I packed up our bathing suits and (not enough) sunscreen and hopped in a car bound for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  And miracle of miracles, we got there with barely any traffic.  Our friend, Dana, kindly invited some friends to her family’s beach house for the weekend.

We grilled out, went to the beach, played games, laughed, loved America, and generally had a great time.

American class.

Tough guys, manning the grill.

We grilled out on Saturday night and went out to a restaurant in town on Sunday.  We all agreed that grilling out was far superior.  There’s just something about it.  The girls don’t have to do all of the cooking for one thing.

You get to see men in oven mitts.  (And people photo bombing the photo in the background.)

Speaking of men doing the cooking…is this right?

No probably not…sweet Ricky, keeping the corn safe from the raging fire.

On both Saturday and Sunday, we had GORGEOUS beach weather.  Sunny, with a slight breeze to keep you cool.  The ocean was freezing, but we were able to take a dip both days.  After cold, rainy New York, we could not have been more grateful.

We took a walk down to the boardwalk (and saw the public area of the beach).  Umm, look at all of those umbrellas.  Dana, we definitely appreciated the private beach!!

Did I mention that we had access to a private beach?  Pretty blue umbrellas all in a row with beach chairs underneath = amazing.

Sunday night before heading into town we had a bit of a photo shoot.

Our hostess, Dana and Ricky.

Billy and Kim.

And of course, the old, married folks.  Oh wait, that would be us.

Please notice Scott’s poor feet.  He missed my, “Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet,” memo.

I love these photos.  So pretty, so “Americana”.

I particularly love the photo of the boys.  Aren’t they so handsome?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and took some time to remember everyone that has served, or is serving, in our military.  We have it pretty great in America.   And it is thanks to those that are willing to put their life on the life for our freedom and way of life – even if it does involve New Jersey themed T-Shirts.


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