Random Musings

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a few pictures that didn’t make it into a post and aren’t worthy of a whole post of their own.  So I’ve decided to pull them all together for a random assortment of fun.

I was feeling pretty sick (or puny as my mother would say) last week.  So it was up to my dear husband to make dinner.  I coached him through making a homemade pizza from the couch and this is what we ended up with.

Scott and I love oysters.  So we thought we would enjoy a Bloody Mary oyster shooter.  Wrong.  But here we are blissfully unaware of what was about to happen to us.

Here is Scott sweetly carrying many bottles of wine through the streets of New York.  It was the second half of a very wine-tastic wedding gift!

And here is Prince, claiming ownership of the entire box.  Please notice his devil ears and his eyes warning all others to stay away from his wine.

Me and my coworkers raising a toast at a lunch time engagement party for our Director.  We had a delicious Mediterranean tapas style lunch.

This is my cat – sitting on a piece of cardboard rather than letting his precious white paws touch the dirt outside.

“No photos please.”

And here is one of my favorite views over the Jackie O Reservoir.  I usually only see it before the sun comes up.  Isn’t she pretty in the afternoon?

Happy  Wednesday!


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