The Boys are Back in Town

This past weekend was a Jersey weekend for us.  Calling all black eyeliner and hoop earrings!  Just kidding!  It was an absolutely lovely, classy weekend.

Two of our dear friends, Leslie and Stu are engaged and getting married in December.  We all gathered in The Jersey this weekend for their engagement party.  The party itself was held at the Leslie’s parents home.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to be outside for the entire event.

With Scott and his friends, nothing can ever just be simple or uneventful.  If there is a chance for a laugh or to raise a few eyebrows, they are all over it.  So I wasn’t surprised when a plan was concocted to surprise their long time friend, Stu.   My husband and two friends, Ricky and Christopher, decided to wear something…sort of special.

Why yes, those are matching outfits, highlighted by powder pink pants.  To be honest, it could have been much worse.

But the dancing and posing that followed…well, I’ve never been prouder.

Christopher, is that ballet you’re doing?

There are literally 1,203,847 more photos in this series.  I decided to spare you and only post two.

Stu handled it quite well, considering the number of his future in-laws at the party.

Oh, geez.

Oh wait, this party was about Stu and Leslie, not the three stooges, right?  Here they are!

Leslie looked amazing in her yellow dress and orange high heels.  She was every bit the beautiful, gracious bride.  I loved being a bride – it’s such a fun time.

After the sun went down, we all headed to a local watering hole.

Lets just say a fun time was had by all.  I loved  seeing the boys (almost) all back together in their home town having a good time.

The pants continued to be a real treat.

Gotta have one of these.

I seriously love these guys (and girls).  I could not have asked for better friends to marry into.


4 thoughts on “The Boys are Back in Town

  1. Rebecca! This is so awesome! Thank you for putting up all these pictures and for the nice words. I had so much fun with everyone – it was definitely a great weekend.

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