Our First Backyard Cookout!

Who’s excited about our backyard area and having a grill?  This girl (and her husband)!

Even though Scott and I have started using our outdoor space, there is just something about having friends over that makes it really feel like summer is right around the corner. So I was so excited to have our friends, Ricky and Dana, over for dinner last week.  Rick and Scott have been friends for, oh, ever and was a groomsman in our wedding party. His beautiful girlfriend, Dana, is one of my favorite New York City ladies AND our much-appreciated cat sitter!  (We can’t thank her enough).

Don’t they look like they came straight from a yacht?

Since we obviously needed to grill at least part of the meal, I turned to the adorable grill master himself, Bobby Flay.  And he did not disappoint.  We had his Korean Grilled Chicken with the Bibimbap rice on the side.  Scott masterfully grilled the chicken, zucchini and mushrooms.

I took care of the rest.

The finished (delicious) product!

Even better than the food was getting to spend time with friends.  In perfect weather, no less.

One four-legged member of our party didn’t have as much fun until we bent our “No Prince Outside” rule.  And then he chased bugs to his heart’s content.  He knows how to lay on the guilt.

I foresee many more evenings spent this way in our future.  Doesn’t it just look so cozy and inviting?

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