Jessie and Troy!

I can’t seem to post on the blog to save my life!  Scott has been back on a normal schedule, I traveled to San Antonio for work last week and life is just happening!

However, I have to take a moment to talk about the fabulous visitors that were here waiting for me last weekend when I got home from Texas.  It was our good friends, Jessie and Troy!!

Jessie and I met during week numero uno of college in the freshman dorm.  She lived across the hall from Lauren and me and the rest is history 🙂  They came up last Friday.  Scott, lucky man that he is, got to spend more time with them than I did, since I didn’t get home until Saturday afternoon.  But we lost no time catching up, enjoying the weather in our backyard and making our way to my new favorite restaurant, Uva.

Here we are with our flights of wine. at Uva  Twelve glasses of wine + four people = a fun evening.

The night continued dinner while watching the Caps vs. Rangers game during dinner.  Oh and some sangria happened.

Unfortunately (for Jessie, Troy and all Caps fans) the Caps weren’t victorious.  It was a pretty fantastic dinner all the same.  A

Happy boys at the sports bar.

Friends 🙂

We ended the night by dominating the juke box at a local Scottish bar. All in all, we had a great time.  It was so nice for me to spend time with some of my old Virginia friends here in my new city.  And then on Sunday morning we got some delicious New York breakfast bagel sandwiches and took them for an impromptu picnic at the East River before our sweet guests had to head out.

We had a great time and you guys are welcome back any time!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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