Family and Phantom Fun

My parents visited us this weekend!  It was the first time they’ve been up to New York since we moved…six whole months ago.  And we had a lovely time.

Since they arrived Friday afternoon, obviously Thursday was a cleaning frenzy.  Which meant Prince was in a frenzy to get away from the vacuum cleaner.  I don’t know how his nylon house says safety to him…

We stuck around our neighborhood on Friday night.  My family is very much into seeing what our day-to-day life is like.  So much so that when my sister visited, we went to see the grocery store.  And I showed mom our laundry room.  I’m not kidding.

We introduced them to Scott’s new favorite, Shake Shack, and they weren’t disappointed.  Even though the boys campaigned hard for a German restaurant in which everything on the menu ended in “wurst.”

Then we just walked around the neighborhood.  When we went to the Carl Schurz park, we saw that a lack of fields and grassy areas doesn’t stop the boys and men of New York from having little league football.  It was adorable.  They were just as into it while playing on a large expanse of sidewalk with little orange cones as markers, as if they were under the bright Friday night lights of Texas.

Mom asked if this was where she was going to come watch her grandson play football.  Who said anything about sons?

Dad educating us on the water currents of the East River.

Then, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we went to my favorite place, Pepe Patron (it sounds French AND like my favorite tequila!) for margaritas.

We had a great night, walking around, chatting and catching up.

The next day was our tourist-y day.  First we went to the TKTS counter at the South Street Seaport.

Where we got these bad boys.

Tickets to see Phantom of the Opera!  I’d never seen it performed on the stage, and my 13 year old self was rejoicing.

We celebrated with the most delicious deep fried pickle spears (what!?).

Oh yes, and while Mom and I shopped, the boys found their way to City Swiggers, a beer lovers dream store.

They settled on these four to try.  I didn’t care for a single one, unfortunately.

Then it was off to dinner and PHANTOM!  Why yes, I did order a signature drink called Primadonna, thank you very much!  (Ten points to anyone who gets the reference.)

The Majestic Theater was beautiful.  I thought it was a great setting for Phantom.

And let me tell you, the show was fantastic. I thought they did a wonderful job.  And the complexity of the set is amazing.  Phantom really is a tour de force of Broadway.

A big thank you to mom and dad!

All in all, we had a great time.  Mom and Dad were wonderful guests and it was so nice to go out of our little comfort bubble of our apartment for the weekend.  They are welcome back anytime!


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