Make It Two, Please!

As any red-blooded American man knows, the NFL held the draft beginning this past Thursday night.  Lets be fair – there are many women in America aware of this fact as well – either because they are football fans or they are married to one.  I fall somewhere in between the two ends of that spectrum.  I started caring about football when I enrolled as a freshman at Virginia Tech and I soon realized what I had been missing all my life (jumping around like a crazy person during Enter Sandman, anyone?).

Then I met, dated and married Scott – and realized that I would also have the National Football League, not just college football in my life now.  He’s a life-long New York Giants fan (see here, here, and here).  So I soon found myself searching out and buying New York Giants memorabilia for him and became the proud (?) owner of a Giants t-shirt with my name personalized on the back.

So as Scott and I settled in to watch some of the draft last Thursday, he asked me if there were any Virginia Tech Hokies in the draft.  “Why yes, David Wilson is one of them,” I said.  I know this because he is a great running back and decided to enter the draft rather than finishing out his senior year as a Hokie like a good boy.  And I was kind of upset by this.

Scott: “Huh, you know who needs a running back?  The Giants.”

Me: “OMG that would make my life.”

Scott: “But it will never happen, they need an offensive lineman more.”

Me: silent sadness and resignation (and maybe a pout)

Fast forward an hour or so to the last pick of the night.

Announcer-man: “With the 32nd pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the world champion New York Giants” … pause for much cheering from the crowd… “select David Wilson, running back, Virginia Tech.”

I realized what was happening first.  My head whipped around and looked at Scott, who took a few extra seconds to realize what was happening.  Then much jumping and yelling happened.  I may have said something along the lines of our two worlds becoming one.  As if marriage didn’t accomplish that…

So we were pretty stoked.

Enter the third round of the draft.  The Giants pick ANOTHER Hokie!  Jayron Hosley, a cornerback!  TWO HOKIES ON THE GIANTS.  I don’t know if all Giants fans are excited about this (I’ve heard rumblings about size, etc.).  But this Hokie fan does not care one bit.  I could not be more excited for football season to start.  I would be watching all of the Giants games every Sunday anyways.  Might as well make it interesting 🙂

As Scott said, “You’ll be needing a Wilson jersey now.”  Why, yes.  Yes, I will.


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