Almost There…

Dear Busy Season (aka tax season),

How I wish you were over.  You are cruel and unkind and I won’t miss you at all when you are done for 2012.  Because I would like to see my husband more than I did when we were dating.  Which has not happened recently.  All because of you.

Busy Season, if you last past tomorrow – and do not end with a signature, as promised – I do not know what I will do.  Crying will be involved.  And Scott will probably officially turn into a zombie.

We’ve handled you well, but we are at the end of our ropes.  We don’t complain that we never spend an evening together (I’m glad I got so good at cooking for one in my single days).  We don’t complain that I am almost always asleep by the time Scott gets home from work (and I am a night owl!).  Scott manfully accepts when he has to work the entire weekend (even after the pastor has preached about how important it is to keep the Sabbath!  We hear you, JR – this was the last one I promise!).  But there is only so much a couple can take.

We think (and hope and pray) that the end is in sight and that this will all be over in 48 hours.  Please don’t stay past your welcome.  Give me my husband back!


Rebecca (aka The Newlywed Wife of a Certified Public Accountant)

P.S. Speaking of newlywed, I’m missing our honeymoon right about now.  We should go back to Curacao.  And since all posts are better with a picture or two…


3 thoughts on “Almost There…

  1. Dear Mrs. Fitzgerald,

    I’ve been routinely informed that Busy Season for auditors has nothing to do with Tax Season. “Yes it does,” I said to my boyfriend a few years ago. “It’s the time between Jan. 1 and April 15, hence Tax Season = Busy Season.”

    “You have no idea what I do for a living, do you?” boyfriend said back to me, only half joking.

    After the first summertime Busy Season I rationalized that they must have just been slacking off during Tax Season, clearly working less than 20 hours a day. But then there was a Busy Season in the fall too. And now they just appear out of nowhere, unexpectedly in the middle of a full social calendar.

    And now I understand.

    Our husbands need to find a new application for their CPAs and kick auditing to the curb.


    Fellow Busy Season Victim / DVR and Dinner-For-One Enthusiast

    • Dear Lauren (Mrs. McCarthy),

      I quite agree. It’s high time they invent a different, 40 hour/week job that requires the CPAs for which they toiled. And I too consistently feel as if I have no idea what my husband does for a living. It’s a sad state, really.

      Have you also noticed the fortuitous timing of “busy season” ending at the same time as all of our TV shows ending? Phew.

      Busy Season Widow/Lonely Cat Lady

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