It’s Friday, Friday!

Hooray, it’s Friday!  In honor of this special occasion, I thought I’d post a fitting weekend photo.

Champagne!  This is a flight of champagne from a neighborhood restaurant called Uva.  As in “grape” in Spanish – not the other university in Virginia.  Heavens, no.  For those Virginians reading this – you’ll appreciate Scott’s surprise when he saw a charge for “UVA” come up on the credit card 🙂

It is quickly becoming my favorite place to get together with girlfriends.  In fact, I was just there this Wednesday (I had the “popular white” flight – thank you for asking!).  It’s this adorable little wine bar with garden seating in the back.  It’s the best place I’ve found in our neighborhood for wine, cheese, meats and other small plates.

Isn’t the presentation pretty?  I love that I have a place that is starting to become familiar to me.  It feels nice and makes New York seem a little bit more like home!


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