It’s Finally Here!

It’s officially wedding weekend as far as I’m concerned!  It’s my last day of work before Lauren’s wedding!  Woo to the hoo!  Bring on the mani/pedis, gettin’ our hair done, Tony’s food, rehearsals, schedules, walking down the aisle, matching dresses, dancing the night away, and giving toasts.  And here’s to golfing, shooting, and cigars for Scott.  Yes, we are both rather pumped, why do you ask?

I can’t believe it will already be six months of marriage for me and Scott – it’s our six month anniversary essentially on Lauren’s wedding day this Saturday.  Speaking of our wedding…here are some shots of me and Lauren at my wedding.


I love this one.  I wish her face were more in focus, of course.  But I love it nonetheless, because even though she’s holding up the mirror for me, I’m looking at her.  Sappy alert.

Can’t wait to get the photos of you in the wedding dress, my Lauren-lobster!  See you soon!


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