Dyeing Easter Eggs (aka Who Needs Vinegar?)

Scott and I dyed our Easter eggs kind of early last week.  I love hard boiled eggs and really just wanted them for my salads, so I made us dye them super early.  Does anyone else have to google how to hard boil eggs every time they do it?  I certainly do.

To all of you home owners and renters of normal-sized apartments, take a look at the proportions of my stove and take a moment to appreciate yours.

I was rather proud that I remembered to get Easter egg dye – we have our groceries delivered so it’s harder to impulse buy or get seasonal things.  However, I did forget the vinegar.  Oops.

Nothing wrong with pastels right?  Wrong.  Nothing stuck to the eggs, no matter how long we left them in.  Except the pink.  Whew.

Luckily we had these bad boys to help us pass the time.

So here’s the finished result.  Notice how we gave up on each color after trying it and just started using the pink.

We then had to do a test Easter egg roll, of course.

And of course, any time I sit on the floor, Prince has to come investigate/get in the way.

Thud.  Thud.  Thud.

Attack of the giant cat!  Look at those furry paws.

His next move was to bat the egg around a bit and proceed to sit directly in between me and Scott until he was forcibly removed.  I don’t know what we would do without him.  He certainly adds character to our life 🙂


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