Happy Easter

I hope everyone a happy and joyous Easter!  Throughout the past week, I was once again struck by God’s faithfulness and amazing, all-consuming love for us.  By how powerful and beautiful He is.  It continually humbles me and brings such peace to my life.

Unfortunately, our Easter weekend didn’t go quite as planned.  Scott came home from work on Friday extremely under the weather.  It was not pretty.  In fact, we weren’t able to go to New Jersey to spend Saturday with his family as planned.  Which was a real shame, since now we aren’t sure when the whole family will be together next.  But Scott isn’t a quitter, so it takes a lot to knock him out.  Poor guy.  He was still considering making the trip until I asked him if he could handle a train ride in his condition…he got very pale at that thought and it was decided.

It was bad enough that Prince and I were on the air mattress for the night.  Prince just thought we finally got a cat bed fitting of him and his ego.

Luckily, Scott was feeling better by late Saturday afternoon and we were able to go to church together on Easter morning.  Our church has moved locations and we are now just one avenue away from Central Park.  Scott suggested we take a walk to the park after church and I am so glad we did.  Everything was in full bloom and it was a perfect spring day.  We got a treat to share and sat on rock and people-watched.  It was so sweet seeing everyone in their Easter best having family time.  It made Scott and I think we could actually have kids in the city…

The rest of our day was pretty quiet.  We had our inaugural meal at our new patio table, which made Scott get pretty pumped for summer.  We have big plans to clean, prune, plant and polish the backyard the weekend after we get back from Virginia.

(We don’t usually drape our napkins over our glasses – I guess Scott was saving them from bugs?)

We then had our first ever Easter egg roll as a new family!  It’s a long standing Burtch tradition to have an Easter egg roll and we’ve taken it with us wherever we go for Easter – even as far as Hong Kong one year.  Prince had his own egg, which I rolled for him.  Here he is kissing it for good luck.

Let’s pull back and see what Scott thinks of this, shall we?  Obviously he’s thrilled.  Sometimes that man is a pillar of patience in this house.

He should have been a bit more invested, since he lost to Prince in the first round.  I was the ultimate winner.  What can I say?  I’ve been doing this a long time 😉

We ended the day with an evening stroll along the East River and topped it all off with some Pinkberry.  All in all, it was a nice little Easter Sunday, even though the rest of the weekend was a bit rocky.  Here’s hoping we get to see some of our family next Easter.


One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. I did not know you have a fireplace. Now your going to tell me “Yes but it is so small that you can only light one book of matches at a time!” : )

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