More Frames, Please!

Remember my collage of photos above our dining table?  When we put them up, I had wanted to switch out the pictures and add to it over time.  Well, I still don’t want to remove or switch any of the photos, but I did add three new frames.

For reference, here is the collage before.  Oh and it looks much better due to lighting.  Try not to judge my late-night picture taking.

I wasn’t sure if I liked the additional frames at first.  I spent so much time figuring out the perfect arrangement for the original collage, it felt strange to tack the other ones on.  But I’ve gotten used to it over the past few days.  It helps that I love everything that was added.

And now for a close up of the newbies.

These are Scott and my place cards from our wedding.  I hear it caused some confusion for my in-laws when they were picking up their place cards 🙂

Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech.  Go Hokies!

And this print from Art Shark Designs – a shop on Etsy.

I actually received this little guy when I bought a gift for Scott’s sister (aka my sister-in-law, still getting used to saying that!) and her husband.  They had just moved into their first home together in Boston, so I bought them the Boston print.  All of these prints are in cities around the world and always depict a couple with red umbrellas in front of a well-known landmark.  They are the sweetest thing.  The artist is local to the Northern Virginia area, I believe.  So she included this little print for me in the shipment of my Boston print and I absolutely love it. So much of Scott and my time dating took place in the DC area.  Although to look at pictures you would think it was all in Newport.  So it’s nice to have this little memento.

So there you have it! Oh, and I got the frames on a ridiculous sale at my favorite store – Tar-jay.  Oh how I miss thee, Target.  I picked them up when I was home a few weeks ago for shower-palooza.

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