I Left the Island (of Manhattan)

Last week, during our beautiful fake summer weather, I had to travel to Astoria for work. Astoria, which is in Queens. I’m afraid I’m becoming a Manhattan snob, which is NOT ok. No one likes a snob. But when I’m faced with the prospect of going to an outer borough I find I want to curl up in a ball on my little couch and stay in my Upper East Side bubble. I’m suddenly crippled and have to stare at a map of the subway system for much longer than necessary and ask “So wait…this part is Brooklyn, right? And over there is Queens?” Visions of being in a train underwater flood my head. Bottom line, I need to get out more.

So with my memorized train schedule, off I went! Google maps said it would take me 40 minutes, so I left over an hour early. I still didn’t trust myself to get there on time. After triple checking the subway map, I was pretty certain I was going to the end of the line. As in, where the subway ends. As in, I always wonder who goes to the stops at the end of the line allll the way off the island while I ride my 4 stops to work. There’s no way it would only take 40 minutes to go to the end of the line.

Once we emerged on the other side of the East River, the subway car got less and less crowded. I was able to sit and read my kindle! That never happens! And the sun was shining and I could see it. I suppose that’s the beauty of being above ground. It was all very novel for me. Give a point to the above-ground subway!

Let’s just say that when I reached the end of the line – right on time – there was much more culture than in my neighborhood. As I was walking to the Starbucks on the corner, the brakes of the train overhead shrieked and scared me half to death. Strike against the above-ground subway.

I met my co-worker and we headed to lunch at this delicious restaurant called Mojave. If you live in Queens and haven’t been, I suggest you try it. If you don’t live in Queens and want to go to a restaurant with room to stretch out and a lovely patio that could be straight from a restaurant in Arizona, I suggest you go!

We had margarita “tastes” with our lunch. The left was blueberry and the right (mine) is blood orange. It was amazing. This was my first margarita of the season! This a big deal folks. And with that one sip, I immediately remembered why I love love love margaritas. They taste like the best parts of summer all rolled into one incredible drink. It was absolutely lovely.

After lunch we walked to our meeting for work. More on that later, but hint: it involves more origami pigs. And what do you know, four hours later, work time was over and I found myself sitting in front of this beauty.

Hello Mr. Full Size Blood Orange Margarita. Mmmm.

All in all, I have to say Astoria gave me a pretty warm welcome. And a pretty view of the city at sunset on our ride home. I’m not ready to change zip codes, but I’m far less intimidated, for sure.


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