New York Morning Sunrise

Believe it or not, I am still running on a pretty regular basis!  To those that know me, my response to exercise is usually to laugh and say “Yeah, I try to avoid that.”  But having a running partner, the threat of spring dresses and summer bathing suits, not to mention being Matron of Honor in a strapless dress for my BFF in less than three weeks…well, I’m a bit more motivated to get out of bed.  Even if it is before the sun comes up.

A few weeks back, we found ourselves face to face with a barricade telling us that the loop we usually run around the Jackie O Reservoir in Central Park was closed for repairs.  So we stood around in shock for a minute before regrouping and deciding to run in the Carl Schurz Park along the East River.  It’s been a nice change of pace.

Here’s this morning’s sunrise.

We had incredibly beautiful weather over the past two weeks.  Trees have started to bloom and the daffodils and even some tulips have sprung up all over the city.  But then BAM – we are back to 30 degree weather in the morning!  It’s been a rough couple of mornings – for me and for the flowers, I imagine.

And for The Prince.  They finally turned the heat off in our apartments when it hit almost 80 degrees.  And now they have not turned it back on despite weather in the low 30s.  Much to The Prince’s dismay.  I’ve never seen him cuddled into such a perfect circle before.

“Mom, no pictures, please.  I need at least 16 more hours of beauty rest.”

Here’s hoping we have warmer weather again soon – for good!

5 thoughts on “New York Morning Sunrise

    • I would love that! I’ve actually really enjoyed running there in the mornings and it’s so close. As always, just let me know when you aren’t working and we’ll make it happen 🙂

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