Movie Review Time…The Hunger Games Edition

Like many others, I went to see The Hunger Games this weekend.  I was a little late to the game, so I read the books very recently so I didn’t have to wait long to see the movie.  I got the hubby to agree to go with me, pre-ordered the tickets and enticed him further with the promise to go to Shake Shack for lunch before our matinee.  I never fail to groan and complain at the length of the line extending outside Shake Shack, but it is always well worth it.  And it does move quickly.  It takes awhile to get your food, but at least you are sitting and chatting by that point, rather than in line.  This was our first time getting the cheese fries.  I have to say, I’m going back to original fries from now on.

But back to The Hunger Games!  All in all, I left a little bit underwhelmed.  If you’ve read the books, you know that the books are rather violent.  I believe they are actually young adult books, so I suppose the PG-13 rating makes sense to get the target audience in the doors.  I’m not a huge fan of violence in movies in general.  However.  This is The Hunger Games – it is based upon a huge fight to the death.  Once the movie got to that part the cameras were either thisclose to the action so that you got dizzy and couldn’t tell what was really happening, or were extremely far away.

To play the devil’s advocate – there was a little boy that was about 12 years old sitting next to us, all by himself.  And he was audibly gasping at the violent scenes and even said “What is wrong with that guy!?” at one point.  So perhaps the movie makers know a thing or two about their audience.

I was also disappointed by the details they left out.  Without fail, I always like a book more than the corresponding movie.  There is just so much more depth to a book.  So I’m used to a certain degree of disappointment.  And Scott is getting used to hearing me explain everything that was left out.  But I felt that The Hunger Games didn’t try to explain any of the inner thoughts of the lead character – which was how the majority of the book was narrated.

With that being said, I felt that on the whole, the movie was cast very well.  All of the characters, except Peeta, were exactly as I’d imagined them.  The sets and costumes were also incredible.  They did a great job of capturing the desperation of District 12 and the extreme wealth and ridiculousness of the Capitol.

On the other side of the spectrum, Scott had not read the books so he was a relatively unbiased viewer.  He enjoyed the movie and said he would go back to see the next one with me.   Which, of course, I will go see, regardless of my less-than-positive review.  Sigh.  I’m a sucker for big movie hype.

Did anyone else see The Hunger Games?  Did you like it?  Anyone else think Peeta needed to gain a few inches?  Just me?

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review Time…The Hunger Games Edition

  1. Your Mother and I saw HG last week with Dave and Beth. In general we all liked it. But I agree with your feeling that it lacked the inner voice of the main character. It was refreshing to see an action movie without car chases and high tech gadgets.

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