As I said yesterday, I had a lovely, long weekend in Virginia.  I was originally going down for my best friend’s bridal shower and it was great luck that my dear friend, Shelbie, had her baby shower the same weekend!

I went home on Friday and made my way to Lauren’s house.  We quickly reverted back to 16 year old girls having giggle fits in the drive thru at Wendy’s and making a longer-than-expected pit stop at Target.  Oh, how I have missed Target!

Saturday, I got behind the wheel for the first time since October.  I was definitely nervous, but it truly was like riding a bike.  I kind of loved being back in the car singing along to the radio.  Something about the subway just doesn’t encourage me to express myself with Madonna and belt it out with Mariah.

Virginia was in full bloom and the weather was gorgeous all weekend.

My gift for Shelbie’s sweet baby girl.

Here we are!  Isn’t she a beautiful mom-to-be?

After Shelbie’s shower, I headed back home for some sweet time with all of the women in town for Lauren’s bridal shower.  Lauren had her had mom, future mother-in-law, grandma, godmother, godsister, second-mothers, best friends, aunts and a surrogate little sister (aka my sister) there.  And that wasn’t even the actual shower!  She’s very loved 🙂

Enjoying the warm weather.

Oh and our faithful mascot, Dexter.

After soaking up the sun, we all pitched in on wedding crafts.

Then the big day finally arrived…Bridal Shower Sunday!  As the Matron of Honor, I was one of the planners so I was a bit anxious for everything to go well and for Lauren (and the guests) to enjoy themselves.

We did the arrangements ourselves.  We wanted them to look like a bouquet you could have picked yourself and then put in a mason jar when you got home.  Nothing too formal.  I think they looked beautiful and no two arrangements were identical.

Here are our favors – a recipe for shrimp ‘n’ grits with the grits included.  We thought it would fit the feeling of the barbecue luncheon and mason jar bouquets…oh yes, and our signature drink, Bourbon Sweet Tea.  Which was delicious by the way.

We also made a scrapbook for Lauren.  Everyone wrote Lauren a note on half of a page.

Why yes, those are polaroids!  Jessie (the other Maid of Honor) was able to produce a modern-day polaroid.  It was huge.

Me with the bride-to-be.  Clutching our bourbon sweet teas for dear life.

Lauren and her Matron and Maid of Honor.

Everyone looked so nice in their spring dresses.

Playing games (matching married celebrity couples, in case you’re interested).


Present time!

Our scribe – Mary, the sister of the groom.  I think these two get along. 🙂

I don’t know why we are looking at each other that way.  But I think there are countless similar photos from over the years.  Ah, friends.  Here we are playing a game in which Lauren had to guess how her fiancé answered numerous questions.  Hugh was a great sport and provided wonderful, funny answers that always got an “aww” or a laugh from the ladies.

Listen up, all you moms of daughters out there, because you’re going to want to stow this idea away.  Lauren’s mom took her American Girl doll, Felicity, to the American Girl doll store to be completely made up as a bride.  Her hair was done up in a chignon and she had a bridal gown and veil on – complete with a little something blue!  Lauren was completely surprised and we all got a little teary.  Even me and I don’t typically cry very easily.  Especially if I am in “event mode.”   But Lauren and I used to have tea parties with our American Girl dolls (I had Kirsten but secretly wanted Samantha) and it was so sentimental and sweet.

It was a great idea and I would encourage moms out there to consider it for your daughters!

Lauren’s lovely ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal.  That’s my hand in the background giving some sort of direction.  Geez.

Here’s the entire bridal party (minus the men, of course) and our moms.  We were all at the shower!  Thanks to Kay for suggesting we get a picture of it!

I definitely consider the shower a success.  Lauren now officially has an incredibly stocked kitchen which I know she will put to good use.  There was good food (I didn’t take any photos because I was ravenous) and good times with some wonderful women.  And we got to celebrate our sweet Lauren, which is really the point of it all.  I hope she enjoyed it and felt as loved as she is.

Next up: the wedding!!

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