Calling All Book Lovers!

Look what I got!

I have always loved reading, thanks to my mom.  I am also one of those people that actually goes to the library and used book stores (also something I learned from mom).  I hate paying full price for books, especially ones you know will be a one-time read.

So when we moved to New York, I got a New York Public Library card and started going there.  Well the branch in our neighborhood is quite small.  I went in armed with  a list full of books I wanted…and they did not have ONE of them.  So I picked at random.  Then I got a job and officially have to be at work during the only hours the library is open.  So it became impossible to return my books on time.

At one point, I never thought I would go for an eReader.  But it started to look like a pretty darn good solution.  Especially since I will be traveling for my job and I finish one book per flight.  It gets heavy carrying multiple books in a carry on and one little Kindle was starting to sound pretty sweet.

So I took the plunge and yesterday, my Kindle arrived.  So now, I would love some book suggestions!  (Yes, I’ve read The Hunger Games)  Any other book lovers out there?

And if you are on the fence about real books vs. an eReader – I’ll be back with a review after I read a few books on it.

Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Calling All Book Lovers!

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m glad to hear that you’ve got your first Kindle. Since it first came out, I was very skeptical about e-book. I thought nothing could replace the feeling of holding a real book in my hands. But now I’m in love with my e-book. Your uncle Scott gave me a Nook Tablet as a Christmas gift. Since then I’ve been going to bed and waking up with it. It’s so convenient. I can stay up late and read in bed without bothering Scott.
    I haven’t purchased any book via my Nook though. So far I’ve been enjoying the Free Friday ebooks that Barns and Noble provide every week. If you love suspense, The Inside Ring by Mike Lawson is a very good read.

  2. Yay for your new baby! I am sure you will love it. I still love my Nook even if I don’t read as much as I should and want to. Well, first, I am glad you read The Hunger Games – LOVE it! Have you read The Help? That is a must. Kristin Hannah makes pretty good books. I really enjoyed Firefly Lane. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them too.

  3. Hi Sam! I did read The Help. I agree – it’s a must. I’ll check out Kristin Hannah and Firefly Lane! Let me think about my book recommendations. I think I’ll have more now that I have my Kindle!

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