Mermaids, Oysters and…Polka?

I’m back with the second half of our weekend with Maria and Josh.  And by half – I mean Saturday night dinner.  It was that good, it gets its own post.  We went to my new favorite place on Saturday, The Mermaid Oyster Bar.  Or The Little Mermaid, to me and Maria.

If you live in the city, I highly recommend that you go.  We tried to go for happy hour for their $1 oysters (!) but it was too crowded.  Which is a very good sign in NYC.  So now I’ve made it my personal mission to go and get a seat at the bar.  I mean, their bar snacks were Goldfish crackers.  They’ve got to be doing something right.

It’s decorated like my kind of beach house.  I loved the frame collages at all of the two tops along the wall.   Hard to tell from this picture but they really made the most of their space.

When we were seated, we decided to go for the oysters (full price) anyways, because we had been looking forward to them all day.  So very glad we did, as they were amazing.  I love places that have the thinner “vinaigrette” as a different topping option to the classic horseradish/cocktail sauce.  That’s how you know it’s a good place in my opinion.

And about .5 seconds later…

Then Maria had the stroke of genius to order all of the side dishes and appetizers that appealed to us and share them.  Lobster served escargot style, calamari with feta, lobster truffle mac n cheese and fish tacos.  Each one was as delicious as it sounded.

And lets not forget the drinks!  Scott took his love of tabasco to a whole new level and got the Hot and Dirty.  For some reason, he didn’t order it for round two.

Maria and I shared a pitcher of sangria – the real kind, with actual fruit soaking in it.

The food wasn’t even the best part.  We had the most lovely time during dinner. I think that is a sign of good friends – you’re still able to talk and laugh all night after spending a weekend together.

Who wouldn’t have fun with these two?  Sorry, Maria – but it was the best of the group 🙂

After dinner we met up with our friends at a German-style beer house.  I became slightly mortified as we walked up the stairs and heard – no joke – polka music.  I am of German descent, so Scott felt compelled to remind me that I should enjoy the evening since I would be with “my people.”  To which I replied, “Oh right! I forgot to tell you – I’m French.”

But I guess anywhere that would serve beer in a boot can’t be that bad…

We ended the weekend the way we started it.  With some good old fashioned New York style pizza.

Thanks for coming, Maria and Josh!  We had a great time and hope you can come back soon!


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