Travel Much?

As you have probably gathered from our past few posts, Scott and I have been doing a lot of traveling over the past few weeks. And we aren’t done yet.

I was doing some math (I usually try to leave that to the accountant) and realized that I personally was in six different airports in seven days.  And that doesn’t include multiple trips to the same airport.  Needless to say, I developed quite the cold when I was finally home for good.

But that got me thinking…I wanted to put together our travel stats!

Rebecca Trips:

Palm Desert, CA

New Orleans, LA

My trips were back to back with only a 24 hour “life-layover” as a colleague put it.

Scott Trips:

Columbia, SC (twice)

Toronto, Canada (twice)

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Number of airports visited: Eleven

Earliest scheduled car pick up: 4:30 am (Rebecca)

Worst Travel Experience: Scott.  A non-stop flight to Columbia,SC turned into an overnight ordeal including being shuttled from the plane for bathroom trips during an unexpected landing and ultimately Scott sharing a cab with 4 retired war veteran pilots from Charlotte to Columbia.  He was supposed to arrive at 9 pm and didn’t get to his hotel until 6 am the following day.

Number of Miles Traveled: 15,724

It’s been hard for me since I am a major home-body.  But it’s made our time at home together extra sweet.  My work travel should be pretty quiet for a few months, but I have some small, fun, “life” trips planned for baby showers, bridal showers and of course, Lauren’s wedding!  Scott’s work travels aren’t done yet, but hopefully come summer, he’ll be in New York more often.  And maybe we’ll actually be able to take some trips together…for fun.  There’s a novel thought.


3 thoughts on “Travel Much?

  1. Wow that is a lot of traveling! I am curious what airport has the best food? And what is your go to travel food place when traveling through airports? You need to add a trip down to Blacksburg in your future travels. I miss you and you need to meet Claire! I promise when you visit to put her in her best tutu. 🙂

    • Sam, I cannot wait to meet sweet, little Ms. Claire! Tutu or not! I’m hoping we can make a trip to Blacksburg in the fall for a game. We’ll definitely keep you in the loop. I hope motherhood is going well! When you feel you can, lets have a phone date 🙂

      Miss you too.

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