Bachelorette Party – New Orleans Style

I’m back with round two of our New Orleans adventure.  Saturday night was our big Boubon Street night.  Think Bachelorette gear, beads (no, we did not get them that way!) and dancing! So after we’d made it back from touristing, we lounged a bit and then we bridesmaids decided to get the night started and hand out the goody bags.

We had some New Orleans themed items including beads, creole seasoning, tabasco and masks!  Yes, that’s me in the pink.

Pretty Devon!

We also had special shirts just to make sure everyone knew we were a bachelorette party 😉  Lauren had her own bridal-white shirt.

As you could probably guess from the shirt her friends chose for her, Lauren is not a pink and sparkle girl.  Which is one of the reasons I love her and one of the reasons she is so good for me.  We balance each other.  Here’s the shirt that the rest of us wore.

Our last little treat was mason jars that each girl could personalize on a blackboard label.  I thought they were so cute and think the girls liked them too.

Before we went out for dinner we played great Lauren-inspired music, fought over specialty bead and just had a great time.

(Thank you to Elizabeth Cole for the great photo!)

Then we were off to dinner at a delicious restaurant, Red Fish Grill.

And then we were off to Bourbon Street!  There were Dougie lessons, karaoke and dancing.  It was hard to believe it was the weekend after Mardi Gras since the streets were absolutely full of people.  We had a great time and I enjoyed seeing what Bourbon street is all about.

The next day we did more sight seeing and ended up on Frenchman Street to see some brass bands.  We went to three different places and each one had a phenomenal band playing.  The amount of talent blew me away.

There’s our girl on stage 🙂

Here’s our final stop of the night (and the trip).  Lets just say Lauren and I found our way on stage and the song “When the Saints Go Marching In” was involved.  🙂

Thanks for a great weekend, ladies!  Hope you enjoyed it Lauren 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party – New Orleans Style

  1. SO FUN!! I love the PBR in the photo 🙂 and the George Thorogood reference on the t-shirts!!!

    So wonderful for you girls to have such good friends!

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