The Odd Couple

Lately, my little needy cat has been loving on his dad.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been leaving him so much over the past two weeks and Scott is always the one to come home first?  Or maybe it’s because I have a tendency to curl up in a ball on the couch which equals no lap while Scott tends to lounge on his back which equals a nice full lap?

Whatever the reason, this has been happening a lot lately.

It’s a full on bear hug/face plant.  It comes complete with purring and nuzzling.  And if we didn’t move, I think Prince would stay there all night.

Here we are again.

And again.

While I am happy to share the burden of giving Prince all of the love he needs (which is a lot) I’m actually starting to get a little jealous!  Especially when he literally walks over me in order to get to Scott.  Oh well.  I’m still the one to feed him every morning, so I guess I’ve got that going for me. 🙂


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