South Carolina!

So after months of the blog being active Rebecca has asked me to have a guest post.  Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry.  Here we go!

In January I was sent to the Palmetto state on my first audit.  While the idea of an audit makes most people cringe I was very excited to get started on my first engagement.  I’ll spare you all with the wonderful details of an audit.

While visiting Columbia I learned one shocking fact.  Not only is it the home to the University of South Carolina but it has great food!  The team was able to take in about six different restaurants from a Brazilian Steakhouse to seafood, but the best meal I had in my two weeks there was a dinner with family.

Rebecca’s Aunt Anong and Uncle Scott live just west of Columbia.  They were very kind to invite me over for dinner.  When I arrived at their home Baby Girl, a very energetic West Highland Terrier, greeted me.


For dinner we had Chicken Satay!  Chicken Satay is a chicken dish that uses curry powder, hot peppers, peanut butter and other various ingredients. Aunt Anong created the sauced from scratch.  I thought I knew what spicy was.  Tabasco sauce has nothing on this curry!


Uncle Scott on the other hand was in charge of cooking the chicken.  This sounds like an average task of throwing some chicken on a grill.  Not in the Burtch house!

Uncle Scott, with the help of his brothers, built an in-table grill!  Usually you can sit and eat at the table while cooking, but since it was mid January we opted to eat inside.Image


After dinner the three of us headed downtown to root on Tebowmania.  (I personally love what Tim Tebow is doing.  Through adversity and name-calling he always remains composed and humble.  We need more men like him in this world.)  The previous week Tebow and the Broncos shocked the NFL with a first play, over time win over the Steelers.  It’s not hard to pull for Tim Tebow and the Broncos as they took on the New England Patriots, but little did I know but Aunt Anong has a bleeding heart for the underdogs.  She was living and dying with each play and unfortunately it was not the Bronco’s finest day as they lost 10-45 (but we all know how the season ended up).


(click to see full size)

Thank you Uncle Scott and Aunt Anong for showing me a good time!

Here are a couple other pictures I took around town:

I probably found the best bar name in all of Columbia.  I believe it’s named after my father-in-law, but I could be mistaken.

Image(click to see full size)

The southern sky lends for a beautiful sunset.  In the middle of the picture is the iconic neon sign for Adluh Flour, which is located in historic Congaree Vista.  Image

(click to see full size)

Have a great week!



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