Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aka: our first NYC Restaurant Week!  New York’s Restaurant Week ended last Friday.  It actually lasted for 20 days over four weeks, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Restaurant Week.  Which is good, because it gave me time to get my act together and get a reservation or two.  On the recommendation of one of my new co-workers, I made a reservation for Scott and myself at The Hurricane Club.  After making it I realized that our reservation was close (enough) to Valentine’s Day that we might as well make it our V-Day celebration.

The Hurrican club is an Asian/Hawaiian/Fusion type place.  It opened relatively recently and is by far the largest restaurant I’ve been in since we got to the city.  Space is hard to come by here.  There were tropical plants, high ceilings, mood lighting, a full lounge area and the most amazingly delicious aromas wafting around.  It was loud, trendy, full of beautiful people and did I mention loud?

While we had to scream at each other to have a conversation…

Me: “Happy first Valentine’s Day, honey”

Scott: “HUH!?”

…the food was unbelievable.  And my drink came with an orchid in it!

We started with the tuna tartare  (my fav!) and the spicy pork dumplings.  (The picture was too blurry to share.)  Oh and they messed up our order, so we got to try a third appetizer – some sort of spicy shrimp (similar to Bang Bang Shrimp).  I think we definitely benefited from that mistake. 🙂

For dinner, Scott had honey glazed baby back ribs.

I believe the honeycomb-looking things are lotus root.

I had lobster noodles fra diavolo.

Everything was divine.  And uncharacteristically, Scott was willing to share all of the dishes, so we really got to enjoy everything.  He usually prefers to eat only what he ordered, because “he’s already decided on it .”   And apparently he can’t open himself up to new flavors??  Haha.  So it was my lucky night!  Every dish was perfectly flavored and savory.   I would go again but probably not for a romantic dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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